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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 30

    When i was 12. My little cousin 9. We'd play hide n go seek in the "dark". Her and her other sister. Or just hang out. So one night. Were all playing around in the dark. And my little cousin leaned up to me. I thought for comfort. So i was okay with it. Being a bit older. Then she put her hand on my dick. I got pretty hard. And i know she felt it.

    This went on for awhile. Bunch of weekends. Id go visit my aunt. And she would head out for the night. When we played. shed always go for my dick. Firt thing. Eventually she started going under my pants and grabbing it. Feeling how hard i was. Squeezing it. Shed play with my dick head. Precum juice all over her hand. I was curious as well. So i wasnt gonna stop her. Always felt bad a bit tho. So i didnt wanna touch her, cause she was way younger than me.

    One night though. Everybody went to sleep. I was sleeping in the guest room. And she called me to hers. So i layed down beside her. Knowing full well shes gonna play with my cock. But i wanted to cum. So when she pulled it out to play with it. I told her to stroke it. She started stroking it. This is the first time ive gotten a handjob from a girl.

    She started to slow down a bit. And i decided. Hell i wanna feel what her pussy feels like. I reached into her panties. And started playing with her.. Then she started jerking me hard and very fast. Feeling like im gonna cum hard. I statted rubbing faster. Not really knowing what im doing. I came very hard. On me. On her. It was a massive load. Then we just stopped and went to sleep. I did feel bad. We kinda stopped after that.

    We did run into each other when we were teenagers. And she asked me to rub my back. Idk. I said yes. She asks me to turn around. Shes stratling me rubbing her crotch on my dick. Wow she looked good. She asks me. Feeling my boner rubbing up on her. She asks if i remember playing. I knew what was up. Then she asks me if i wanted to go in the room. I declined. I knew it was wrong. But holy. She had a nice big ass and perkie tits. Rough.

    But weve msgd each other when we are older. And well she says she remembers everything. And that we need to hang out some time. Have some drinks. And yea. Just me n her. I cant say that idk. what the hell. i want to now. It turns me on. To think ill have my dick in her hand and maybe more.

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