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    Straight Female / 26

    I love him for last eight years and so does he. But we never got that closed to each other. We always kept our distance. We kissed sometimes. And one time only, we kind of made out where he took of my shirt, unhooked my bra and sucked upon my nipples really hard. He went on sucking my tits for so long and it was so good. That was the first time anyone touched me like that.
    After certain circumstances we could nog live together but we still love each other. I had to move to another city but we never got out of touch. We never had sex with each other until now.
    So this was this really cold day and I was tired from my night shift at the hospital ready to go home in the morning when I received his text that he was coming to pick me up. He never came like that unless we planned to meet but that day early in the morning at around 7 he was there out of no where. He told me he was missing me. He had a bad hangover but he was okay. He drove three hours straight to reach me in time.
    He picked me up and we went to this place which was his friend's. It was really cold and I was tired but all my tiredness went away just by looking at him.
    I felt so horny when he was holding my hand throughout the way.
    When we reached and settled down in a room, he got on the bed covering himself with the quilt and asked me to sit with him in the quilt to avoid feeling cold and to take some rest. I hesitated but I went on to lay with him. I put my head on his chest and he hugged me tight, giving a kiss on my forehead and moving his hands around my back slowly.
    He kissed my eyes then my cheeks and then his hands went gradually towards my pussy while his lip were on mine. His were the only lips I could kiss my entire life. I did not stop him from touching my pussy and my pussy was dripping juices.
    He then took of my clothes and sucked on my tits. He was so talented with his mouth that I was going crazy. He bit my nipples and I screamed with pleasure. He then kissed me all over my body giving me love bites every where and especially on my neck because it was his favourite spot for it. He kept on telling me that I am his only. That I belong to him. I was quiet at first just moaning with all his love but the moment I said Yes I'm Yours, he went crazy. He put his mouth on my pussy and stuck his finger in my asshole. His dick was so hard then when he thrust it inside me, I screamed his name so loud. I lost my virginity that day to him. To the love of my life. He kept on thrusting his dick in and out faster and faster moving his fingers all over me, using his mouth, hugging me again and again so tightly that I felt all the bones in my body squishing and I was loving every moment of it, enjoying everything until we came. He came inside me. And we hugged and lay down. He put my breast in his mouth and we slept like that naked. That was my first and the last time.

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