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    Straight Male / 42

    In this warehouse I started to work for has lots of black/ebony people. A small percentage of whites work there. Lots of BBW women, white and blacks there with big breasts. The women and the guys love to flirt around while working with each other. You always hear some kind of sex story going about. I did a few fuck dates with some of the white women there. Then I noticed in my work dept. a few of the ebony woman gossiping about me. There was one ebony woman that stood out in my department., Flo was her name. She has super mega breasts the kind only shown in porn. I had a hard time of not getting an erection when I was near her. During break time we sat at the same table. Flo and the other gals knew I couldn't keep my eyes off of her tits. Then one of the other ladies slip a feel of me under the table and smiled and winked to the gals there. Then during future breaks, interracial sex topic always came up. They all snuck a feel of me under the table. I confessed to them that they all have nice tit fucking breasts and it would be especially fun to be smothered by Flo's giant tits and they laughed.
    Flo slipped me a note as we was going to our vehicles when our shift ended. "Let's party! Meet me at ******* Motel at 8 pm. and you pay for the room." Flo was waiting for me in her car. She watched me go in and pay for a room. As she got out of her car I noticed she wasn't wearing anything under her tight skirt. She was playing with herself with sex goodies that she brought along. We stepped into the room. I sat on the bed while Flo exposed her big BBW body to me. Her tits rested on her belly and her belly covered her snatch. She stepped in front of me and fed me her huge dark nipple tits. I grabbed hold of her big ass booty as I smothered my face in her breasts. She started to undress me. My cock pointed up like a flag pole and she wrapped it with her tits. I told her to get on all fours on the bed so I could rim her and fuck her doggy style. She handed me a butt plug to insert in her. I spread her ass cheeks and inserted it in her. I then slipped my cock slowly in her snatch and slapped her ass as I thrust into her. Her tits hung down and rested on the bed. She began to lift and suck her tits as I kept thrusting my cock hard in her. "Fuck me white boy! Fuck me good!" she yelled out. With the butt plug still in her I made her lay on her back and told her to hold her legs up while I sucked her wet snatch wildly and grabbed her tits that laid against her sides. Her juices tasted so good that I was on the verge of climaxing. I moved up a bit and rubbed my cock across her clit hard. I stuck it into her and gave her a good cream pie.
    As we rested on the bed, Flo confessed to me it would be fun if Lacy joined us in a threesome next time. Lacy was a white SSBBW from work. "She'll love your thick cock." Flo, Lacy and I go to that motel about once a month and have a great threesome going. We try not to be obvious to others at work. Why spoil a great thing.

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    Did you tit-fuck her splashing your cum across her face??
    27 days ago

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