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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 35

    So my neighbors are Bengali or indian or something, 4 people living in a one bedroom, anyways they alway keep to themselves I work nights so they donât bother me I donât really see them, so I get home 630 7 in the morning the other day, relay put on the tv have a beer before bed, and I hear loud screaming and shit getting thrown around, finally a door slam, I donât think anything of it, I go and have a shower. Mid shower my doorbell starts ringing, I get dressed and answer the door and itâs the Bengali or Indian lady from next door, only she not in all of the sheets, she asks me if I could help her move some furniture in her house, because nobody was there, I said ok, but give me a minute, I went over and she was visibly shook up, there was no furniture to move she ask if she could have a glass of wine at my place to calm down, told me that her husband hit her and left, and that she was scared, I said sure, we had a few glasses of wine and talked, we locked eyes, and then she unzipped my pants and she stated giving me oral, Iâm only human, Iâd never seen her look so beautiful, so vulnerable, I ate her pussy and then fucked her hard and slow for a few hours, I mustâve orgasmed inside her 5 6 times, we were both screaming so loud that her husband came back home and was pounding on my door to keep it down, not knowing I was pounding his wife, we waited it out and she snuck back home, we got a friendship now, it happens when you have sex with someone and orgasm while looking them in the eyes, but just a few days ago she handed me an envelope in the hallway she was looking nervous, I took it and opened it, sheâs pregnant, we are having a baby, wtf! Iâm happy but nervous, itâll work out I guess

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