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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    Growing old you get soft. Not intellectually, or physically, you get soft in your dick. It sucks, you look at some hot chick and nothing to show for it. I paid a woman, she did her thing but I never got hard. So, with my soft dick I went to Thailand on business. The local rep took me out to a strip club, nice, Young dancers, pretty in an oriental sort of way. We went into the back and paid for a room, paid for a lover boy. He had nice tits, totally smooth, nice small dick, fit in my mouth and got hard. He had that look, and his ass was firm, totally clean shaven, puckered up when I licked him, felt his small dick in my hand. My dick got hard, he let himself get oiled and lubed and his ass was hot and I enjoyed the fuck. That's it, the only way I can get hard enough to fuck, is to play around with a lover boy with nice tits, a pretty face, a little dick and a hot tight ass.

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    I'm a middle aged man also, with a non existent sex life. My wife left me for another man. I too look at women, and I love them, and want fuck someone, but when I'm home alone trying to get hard thinking about it, nothing. So I switch my thoughts to being with a man, or some one like you describe, and BOOM! I'm stiff and stroking away, thinking of orally pleasing him. I can't explain it because I've never been with a man. But it definitely gets me hard when I think about sucking a nice small to average size cock.
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    Get on the Viagra -- Great for getting and staying hard -- I am 61 and my partner turned the tap off 2.5 years ago -- lucky i travel for work and can usually meet up with a like minded guy
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    In my mid 60's with ED. I am a diabetic, on blood pressure pills, low testosterone levels. I was taking a shot of testosterone every 2 weeks. The Doc kept upping the dosage of the testosterone because it would go up then come down. Was taking to much had to stop my prostate became enlarged. It's been going on for 15 years. About 8 years ago hooked up with a guy and had gay sex. I get hard with guys now so you could say I am now gay.
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    So many men turn to guys once their wives close their legs permanently.
    We live in a retirement village and meet twice weekly with a group of 8 guys for a card night. One of the guys is a widower so we meet at his unit.
    You guessed it. There are no cards, just guys who like to have sex with guys. Some even wear lingerie. And yep, there is plenty of Viagra consumed.
    13 days ago

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