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    Straight Male / 23

    I want to kill Michelle Carter

    Fucking Michelle Carter is a stupid attention wanting bitch that drove her Boyfriend to suicide and is only getting 15 Months, bullshit this fucking bitch deserves 15 years and a knife stabbed deep into her Vagina Again and Again. If I was her boyfriend and she texted me to go kill myself I would text her back and tell her to go kill her ownself before I do. Believe me Michelle Carter would be dead today if she were my girlfriend as what I would do to her would make anything out of Nightmare on Elm Street look like a Disney show. As I would puncher her in her stupid looking face multiple times than stab her multiple times, slit her throat, stab her vagina, cut her tits and set her on fire. Fucking Court systems needs to stop giving Women lighter sentences they deserve the fucking electric chair. I hope every inmate in the Prison she goes to drags her stupid ass out of her cell and violently stabs her, chops every limb of her off, rip and tear every single one of her internal organs out of her body and set her on fire. Let's make sure this bitch doesn't leave Prison Alive this stupid c**t deserves to die a very violent death; let's kill this bitch and set her on fire.

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    I'll be praying for you and I'm sure there are plenty more who feel the same. I am not familiar with the case you are complaining about but as an ex-police officer I do know your post here is a threat and is criminal and you could end up in jail along with Michelle. So, my advice to you is to apologize here and then run and hide and ask GOD for forgiveness and straighten up fast.
    23 days ago

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