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    I was married at 34 later than most for a first marriage. I thought I was ready, thought I had married the right guy for me. I was wrong. I was ready but I chose the wrong guy. I had turned down three previous men in my twenties because I was not ready. In retrospect each would have been a better match for me. My husband is a good guy whose hopelessly in love with me. He has me on a pedestal but doesn't know the real me. He knows a fake version of me, the one I became after all my friends had settled down, had kids, one who made the conscious decision to avoid casual sex, partying, one who let a friend set me up with a single guy looking for a mate. I knew walking down the aisle I had made a mistake. All our friends and family beaming, my fake happiness the outward manifestation of my fake new personality. As the reception wore on I dreaded our "wedding night." I had married a man who did not believe in sex before marriage. I had thought that was a great thing, a devoted guy who wasn't a slave to his dick, who I could trust. He knew I wasn't a virgin but he thought I'd just had a few moments of weakness with a long time boyfriend. That was a huge red flag the guy was clueless. I'd been a typical single girl in her twenties. A few serious relationships and many casual flings and one night stands. I'd slept with well over a hundred men when I finally met the man I married. He was a virgin.

    That night was terrible. I drank too much needing the booze to gird me for our "first time." Our first time went like this: Some kissing, him afraid to touch me, me putting his hands on my breasts, him self-consciously squeezing, never trying to undress me. Me taking off my own clothes, his eyes going wide when he saw me naked. Me opening my legs, my pussy lips sending him into shock. His hands shaking trying to get his fingers in, not finding the hole. Him getting hard, trying to force his wet rapidly deflating dick into my bone dry hole, him not knowing how a pussy works. Me taking over, wetting my pussy, using my hand to get him hard enough to let me slide onto him, me rocking my hips, him finally moving, cumming in about three minutes. I calked it up to inexperience but it was more. He never got passed his self consciousness. He doesn't play with my tits even though he loves them, he doesn't even know that oral sex exists as far as I can tell. 13 years of marriage and two kids later I was 47 years old, married to a guy who initiated all sex which consisted of him getting himself hard, wetting my pussy with his saliva then sliding in for a quick fuck that started with his semi hard dick slowly using my hole to basically masturbate until he was hard enough to cum. Yay. He had no idea that sex is a two way street. I tried to talk to him but he doesn't turn me on. He makes me cringe. I'd rather it was just be over with. My sex life became a series of quick boring fucks with him and me getting off when I was alone.

    We live in close knit neighborhood. People were always having other people other for small get together and parties. One couple bought a hot tub. Over time that house became the house. People talked about using the tub but I'd never stayed late enough to see it or do it myself. One night, summer of 2013, after a lot of drinking my husband went home and left me there. We weren't fighting or anything he was just tired and the booze had brought out my old personality a bit. The crowd dwindled. The guy who owes the place stayed up after his wife went to bed. It ended up being me hanging with the guy who lived there and two other married women who's husbands had gone home. The guy invited us to use the hot tub. I was hesitant. The other two women, who were both about ten years younger than me as was the guy, both said they went in all the time and they encouraged me until I got in with them. They stripped down to just their panties. I wore my panties and my t-shirt with no bra. I have surprisingly firm D cups and my T shirt did nothing to hide them once it was wet. All three people commented on my breasts and the girls on my nipples. I noticed the guy was a breast guy, all three of us had D cups going. One reached out and twisted one of my nipples. It was like I was transported back in time. My old sexual self reappeared and I ended up taking off my top and even though none of us fucked the guy we all had fun. The guy sucked my tits and fingered me. The girls and I played with his dick and each others breasts and pussies. He ate me out making me cum so hard while the girls sucked my tits. I was very embarrassed the next few weeks and avoided the next party. Eventually I realized no one was going to tell my husband and ended up at another party at the guy's house. I planned to leave early but started drinking and found myself back in the hot tub with the same three people.

    I started in my t shirt again. Before long the shirt was gone, all our panties were off and the woman I talk with at the bus stop in the mornings was eating my pussy and for the first time in 15 years I sucked cock. It felt so good to give that pleasure to someone. I also ate pussy for the first time.

    A few more parties and the guy fucked me. I was hesitant to take it that far but I had a mouth full of pussy and a girl's fingers rubbing my clit and just as I started cumming when I felt his cock pushing into my pussy rather than tell him to stop I moaned into my neighbor's pussy. He fucked me and came in me. When I said "oh shit I'm not on the pill" one of the girls told me not to worry he was safe.

    We fucked as a foursome for about a year then someones one on one. It got so bad I was sneaking over to suck the guy off or just ride his dick in the afternoons constantly. I also stopped at the girl from the bus stop's house a few mornings here and there for coffee which turned into one on one sex every time. My home sex life was awful, my outside sex life was incredible and addicting. I replaced my self love with lots of sneaking around exciting sex with my married neighbors. I'm not a lesbian or even Bi. I am not normally turned on by women but I realize that loving sex, being deprived and needing it can lead to a straight girls eating pussy and using toys on each other to get off.

    Unsurprisingly, my neighbors with the hot tub separated. He moved out. No more hot tub sex, no more cock next door. The other girl from the hot tub and I never got together outside the tub so that went away. Me and the girl from the bus stop got together regularly. We both had shitty sex lives and we got each other off all the time. That stopped after her husband got laid off and was home all the time. Then they moved. I moved onto affairs. A quick one with a guy remodeling our kitchen. His wife caught on and caused a shit storm. I denied and denied and my husband eventually believed me. Then I threw myself at another guy who rebuffed me. I met him through work when I was doing part-time work. He had to stop at my place a few time. Took awhile but we made out and he couldn't keep his hands or his mouth off my breasts. He got me off through my pants with his fingers and let me stroke his cock through his pants but he didn't go further. A few more sessions like that and I got his cock out and sucked him off. He felt guilty because I was married. We ended up fucking a few times but it was weird because I basically had to force every step of the way because he felt so guilty fucking another man's wife he was totally passive. He loved getting his dick sucked and cumming in me but he was too weird about it that I stopped initiating and he never did.

    Now I'm back to the vibrator and my fingers and occasionally the washing machine. I stopped drinking so that he could fuck me and haven't fucked him since. Going on two years. I stopped looking for affairs and am just waiting out my kids growing up. I feel terrible that my husband has no sex life but I just can't bring myself to have sex with him anymore. I've dropped hints about him going out as in get yourself a girlfriend but he's not interested. He loves me too much. My kids are in high school now so I'm starting to plan my future. I do feel terrible about what I've done to my husband I never should have married him. I wasn't being fair to him or I.

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