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    Straight Male / 47

    I like talking about my wife's sexually and this seems as good a place as any. I've basically turned my wife from the girl next door into a wanton slut. It's all on me. She was inexperienced when we met. Wholesome when we got married and totally devoted to me and our kids. She's was a soccer player in high school and college. She was super cute when we met and now she's matured to very pretty with big brown eyes, a huge smile, dark feature, beautiful hair and nice firm little boobs and a still tight ass. For awhile after we met she was competing in fitness contests. She's not in that kind of shape anymore but she still blows most women out of the water.

    When she was approaching 40 she was very upset about getting older. She thought she'd lost her looks, thought she was losing her sex appeal, felt her youth was gone. I thought she was awesome. She started working out a lot, getting back in fantastic shape, started wearing clothes that showed of her body more than before. She bought snug, not tight but snug, pants that showed off what an awesome ass she has. She joked about becoming a stripper. All of a sudden she became very sexual. She was always very sexual in the bedroom but she branched out. Out with friends, another woman was talking about turning stripping to make money and my wife, who'd been drinking, said "I'd have no problem getting up on stage naked, if (me) would let me I'd so it in a second."

    Later while in bed fooling around I brought it up. She said she was serious. She wouldn't want anyone we know there but strange men watching her dance would turn her on. I felt that she was needing affirmation that she was still attractive but was also really turned on. I asked if she'd ever been to a strip club. She hadn't. I asked her if she wanted to check on out to see what it was about. She surprised me and said she did. A few weeks later she was still all for it an even annoyed I was thinking she wasn't serious. So one night, we dressed nice, me casual her sexy, and went to dinner then to a strip club. It was a Saturday night and it was very busy. It was a big club with two floor and a area you had to be a member to go to. They had a private dancing area we could all see and a more private VIP area where you could get dances in private.

    We had a nice time. She was really into watching the dancers, commenting on their bodies and dancing skills.After a few drinks she was on stage putting dollar bills in garters and between breasts. A couple girls asked if we wanted a private couples dance. After a few more drinks she agreed. We went to the area where people could see. The girl focused on my wife. My wife got into it feeling up the girl's ass and boobs. The girl said I couldn't touch but my wife could and she did. Softly feeling her at first she started squeezing and gripping and at one point sucked on the girl's nipples very quickly. After it was over my wife wanted more. The girl asked if she wanted a private dance just the two of them in the VIP area. My wife looked at me, I encouraged her and off they went. The night was very expensive but was worth it. They came back about 20 minutes later and I knew my wife had cum. She had the look no question she had just cum with another woman who happened to be really hot. I was very turned on. I later got the details of how the girl let her suck her tits and feel up her ass and pussy and how the girl had used her hands to get her off.

    This episode got my wife thinking of truly having sex with another woman while I watched. Again I thought it was talk and again she got annoyed with me. I started looking on swinger sites and after a few months made a few connections. I shared some vanilla photos of my wife and we had a date with a couple who's wife was experienced with other woman. We met at the same strip club for drinks then back to their place where my wife had no problem getting naked in front of a guy she just met. The other woman initiated but my wife made up for inexperience with enthusiasm. As sexy as watching my wife making out with another attractive woman, seeing my wife exposed to another man, her showing no modesty when her new friend spread her pussy open for her husband to see, no modesty when she came and came again, laughing when they were in a 69 and my wife's friend held her pussy open for me and the other guy to enjoy. Seeing my wife like this pushed me further along leading to me pushing my wife further on.

    A few more meet ups with other woman, then going to swinger parties to watch, then us fooling around at swinger parties while others watched. I took a page out of her first encounter's book and spread my wife's pussy wide open letting a bunch of people see every chance I had. It always turns me on. The first guy she fucked was after a night of bowling. She was all for fucking the guys. The guy's wife was all for fucking me. And that was that. Back to their place, the girls making out and putting on a little show in the living room, me with my wife him with his wife then all touching and him sucking my wife's tits, me sucking his wife's, and then the women sucking our dicks then him slipping his dick into my wife, his wife sliding down on mine. It was awesome and my wife loved the experience so much all she could talk about was doing it again. And do it again we did.

    Lots of meeting couples and swapping. She has never gotten on stage at a strip club but god knows how many people have seen her pussy at this point. She has become very adventurous well beyond just swapping. When we swap now it's because she wants to be with a woman and because she wants me to have some fun. She has her real fun with guys. A single guy we met at a swing party chatted her up and wanted to get together. She'd only done swapping to that point. He talked him into a one on one. She asked me if it was ok. I said as long as you tell me the details. She went off and just like with the first couple she loved it and could think of nothing more than doing it again and again.

    Since then she's had me set up "dates" and she's found her own guys. We're careful to keep this part of our life separate from real life but some of her stories show a real wide carefree attitude on her part. She's been with dozens of guys and has ongoing things with quite a few. She text me that she's going to the movies then later tell me that she went with so and so who she sucked off in the theater. She's spent many a night at a hotel with a guy and sometimes with two guys. One night with me she flashed her tits at a guy driving a pick-up truck next to us. He was responsive. She spread her legs and rubbed herself while he strained to see. She made herself cum while he watched.

    She enjoyed this showing off and did it again if she thought a guy was cute. She liked flashing her tits to men when their wife/Gf was also in the car but not looking. She asked me to push her limits. I took her showing off in the car to another level. I walked her to our car wearing nothing but high heels. She thought we were going to have sex in the car. I tied her knees so her legs were spread wide open. Her bald pussy was already wet. I tied her hands down so she could reach her pussy but not her tits. Then I blindfolded her. Then I started the car and opened the garage and backed out. She thought I was just teasing but off we went. She had no way of covering herself as we drove. it was night so it wasn't obvious but people could see if I turned on the interior light. I pretended that guys could see her a few times. We were on the highway, I turned on the light, and told her a guy was watching from a truck. I ordered her to run her pussy. She did. I wouldn't let her cum. The whole car smelled like her pussy. After pretending a few times the urge to go further got to me. I pulled up to an actual truck and turned on the light. The guy noticed and blew his air horn. I ordered her to play with herself. He blew the horn a few more times. I knew there was a rest stop coming up. I made her stop and pulled in front of the truck then into the rest area when we got there. I drove to the truck area and parked away from the trucks. The truck pulled in and parked. A little while later the guy walked over. There were two of them. While waiting I had changed the ties so that my wife's hands were down by her side and she couldn't barely move. The two guys walked up to the passenger side. I lowered the window and turned on the lights. She heard voices, then felt hands on her body. Then a mouth on her tits. The second guy got in the back seat so he could reach around and feel her tits. The guy at the window opened the door to gain access to her. The two of their hands were all over her. The guy at the window was fingering her but had a bad angle. He asked to adjust the ties I said sure. The guys loosened them, lifted her knees and retied. Her pussy was totally exposed. They took turns fingering her hard making her cum multiple times. Her seat was soaked. The stain remains there to this day.

    She ended up using her mouth to make them cum first one then the other. She swallowed both loads. She really enjoyed that night and wanting to do more pushed my imagination. I thought I went too far. I put a sex add up with a couple of pics of her bare ass. I said to contact me where we would be and that she's be tied up and ready. I figured a few guys would respond and I'd pick out one to surprise her with. A bunch of guys contacted me and sent pics. I told a few where we'd be and what time. We got there early. I tied her to the hood of her car nude. Legs spread hands spread. We were in a secluded area of a public walking trail. It was late and the area was well off the beaten path. I figured we could play without someone stumbling in and being offended or worse. So I told three guys expecting one. All three showed up. One had two friends with him. I had two guys in their fifties and a three guys in the twenties who showed up together looking for married pussy. They fucked the shit out of my blindfolded wife. They started out feeling and getting sucked and eating and fingering. One of the guy's in their twenties was the ringleader. They took turns fucking her. They were like the truckers, I did a poor job of tying her up. Then redid it and she was more exposed and way easier for them to fuck and fuck her they did. They took turns fucking her without cumming like a porn movie. Then one after another they fucked her, pulled out and came in her mouth. She gulped it all down and the last guy finished inside her. I thought that she was going to be furious but she loved every second of it.

    I tried it again but on the top floor of a parking garage. I figured no one would rive all the way up so we'd be safe but with the added thrill of the chance of being caught. Well we got caught by a security guard. I had just tied her legs and hands, this time the right way, and was about to blindfold her because there was a guy coming to fuck her. The security guard started out excited then calmed down when my wife said it was ok it was just our kink. He couldn't take his eyes of my wife's pussy. She told him to touch. he did. Then he was sucking tits and eating pussy and before long he was cumming in her. Then he took off. Three more guys showed up to fuck her, not at once this time but one at a time. The first guy ate her out with some of the other guys cum still in her. I felt bad about that but my wife found it a turn on. The second guy didn't eat her out but the third guy did he got a mouthful of cum too I guess.

    This story is too long as it is but she hasn't slowed down. There's been a lot of fun lately that I'll save for another time. Thanks for reading.

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    Great story. I made my wife a slut too. It is amazing to have many guys between her legs.

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