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    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    When I was a very young virgin my older brother used to have his friends over a lot. They were about 14 I was a couple years younger but by 11 I had got my period, and my boobs were almost a big B cup by the time I was 12. The boys all wanted to see me naked, and I was half kidding when I said that I would for $5. They all got together $5 and I said it was $5 apiece and ONLY one at a time. I wasn't going to let them all see me at the same time. One boy, the oldest who was 15 took me by the hand and into the bathroom and put a five in my hand. I lifted my skirt, pulled my panties down to my knees, and let him see my pussy complete with my "very adult" black hair on it, then turned around to show him my butt. At that time he reached out and I slapped his hands off my ass. I told him no touching. Then with my panties still down I let go my skirt and it still showed a bit of my bottom and my pussy while I took off my pullover shirt and pulled out my boobs over my bra and let him look. Then I put them back in, took off my panties and pulled my skirt down and made him leave. I called for the next one, this went on for all 5 boys including my brother who touched me all over despite my telling him not to do that.

    The boys kept coming over, and I started getting totally naked and letting them come into the bathroom. After about four or five times; by this time it was up to 8 different boys who were looking at me naked, I made the boys get naked too. For another $5 they could touch me but not stick fingers in me. My brother didn't pay and didn't listen to not fingering me. Finally I started giving them handjobs for $10 plus the $5 for being naked.

    That first boy, the older one, turned 16, took me out in his parents car and was my first sex. He paid me $ 20 for it and I was his girlfriend, though he paid me for sex. I charged boys for sex and for bj's and handjobs until I got out of college.

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    Smart young lady.
    28 days ago

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