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    I want to call this Fun in the Tropics.

    I got a job a couple of years out of college working for a furniture manufacturing company and I was sent to Bogota Colombia to get to know their people there, tour the factory, basically a get to know you trip. On he plane I had a woman sit beside me, a buyer for a store in San Francisco that specialized in Latin American goods. We talked, the flight was long enough that we ended up sharing a glass of wine and our shoulders touched and our hands touched an our hands landed on the thigh of the other one. The woman was good looking, older by some 20 years. I told her my hotel and she told me her hotel and after we landed we each went our separate ways.

    On the second night I was there I got a knock on the door and the woman was there. I don't think I asked her in, but she stepped in and looked out the window and sat on the bed. She had on a short skirt, I noticed that because her thighs were pretty much uncovered. She asked a bunch of dumb questions, and she leaned back on the bed and her skirt uncovered her crotch, she didn't have on anything, just a naked pussy. She looked at me, I kept trying to keep my eyes on hers, but I couldn't help but look down and her naked pussy, her legs opened and closed slowly. I was as nervous as I had ever been, in spite of being a college jock I had very little experience with sex, and what little I had was initiated by me.

    She sat up, with her skirt up to her waist and asked me to come over and she undid my belt and pants and lowered my zipper and took out my dick and started sucking on it. I got hard, I remember that I got hard and I could feel the pain in my dick. She didn't talk, then just as slowly as you like she laid back, pulled her skirt up high, and pushed herself so she was all on the bed and opened her legs and told me that I needed to stick my dick in her, to stick it in all the way, that I was going to like it, a wet hot pussy, what more was there for a young man, just get on her and stick my dick in her and we were both going to be happy.

    While I was on her, with my dick stuck in her, she slowed me down and told me not to get in a hurry, there was lots of pussy. From time to time she pushed me off and told me to cool down, her pussy was going to be there all night. She asked me if I wanted tits and she took her blouse off over her head and her bra and let her tits loose. She told me to get naked, she wanted to look at me naked. She sat up on the side of the bed and asked me to come over to her and she sucked my dick again, this time with her hands on my bare ass. Her fingers kept getting in my crack, I tightened up and she slapped my ass and told me to relax, she got her finger into my crack and started to feel my asshole while she sucked me, then just like that she stopped sucking me and slapped my dick with her hand.

    She got back on the bed and told me her pussy needed attention, to get my tongue in there and lick her up real good, while I was licking her she asked me if I wanted to lick her ass, that made all the girls happy. I turned her down, I just couldn't do it. She let me get back on and lay down hard on her so that her tits were against my chest, keeping my rhythm slow, kicking me out to stop me from cumming, kissing my mouth, running her hands through my hair. When she finally let me cum, she grabbed my neck real hard and wouldn't let go, whispering in my ear that she wanted it to the last drop.

    She kept me there in the room, we ordered up some room service and ate naked, bending over to suck my dick from time to time, asking me if I wanted tits, tits were good she told me, makes a boy a man. There was no TV and the sun had set and she opened the window to let the breeze in, still standing there naked. She came over to the bed and told me that if I was up to it she wanted me to learn something, how to make a woman happy. She went into the bathroom and came out with a wet towel and gave it to me, bent over and told me to wash her ass and then lick her ass, that's what a woman wanted more than anything, to lick her asshole and then when I was ready I could get on her back and fuck her asshole, she wanted a real good fucking, to fuck her like she was a dog, just get on her fuck her ass and fuck her good, when you fucked a woman's ass there was no play time, fuck and cum and pull out.

    While I fucked her she kept her hand on her pussy, leaning on one arm, and I was on her back fucking as hard as I could. My ejaculation came up on me, I didn't control it, I just came. I dropped to the side and she used the wet towel to clean my dick and she sucked it and told me I was a good boy that if I came to live with her in San Francisco she would make me a man.

    My life after that followed the same lines as most of my peers, I met a girl and married her, she never was hot, not like my night in Bogota and I never fucked her ass. It was many years later that I returned to Bogota with my wife, this time on tour of South American capitals. The hotel where we stayed at on the tour is the same one where I had my wild night, just as big and important as it was, people coming and going. I told my wife that night about my first trip abroad, she didn't think it was funny or right. I should have told her to get out, my wife said. Sure, 25 years old with a woman like that, no way, I didn't tell my wife that my visitor's pussy lasted all night.

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