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    Straight Female / 38

    I suppose that now twenty five years later it doesn't matter anymore. At the time I was thirteen, I had just had my birthday, I had my period and I had stained my pants, my brother teased me to death. I had tits, small but tits nonetheless, my mother had finally let me wear a bra. My nipples were very sensitive and I played with them at night. I hand't yet discovered my clit.

    My brother had his friend Paul over after school. They were kidding around and my brother asked Paul if he wanted to see my pussy. They grabbed me and held me down on the carpet in the den. I fought but my brother slapped me and told me to lay still and let them take my pants off. I quit fighting and just let them take my pants off and open my legs and look at my pussy. Then they took my shirt off and looked at my tits.

    From that day on a man's voice has been enough to get me to stop squirming, I will open my mouth and takes his penis, or open my legs and let him fuck me. The only thing that keeps a man at bay is another man who already owns me.

    I got married after college and the man I married is not much of a man. He is nice and makes a good living but he is a wimp. My current neighbor is a man of the world, he has been around and he fucks me all he wants. It's the way he talks to me. I feel bad for my husband but he can't do anything about it, he has to stand by while our neighbor fucks me.

    I had two boys early in my marriage and they are both like their father, not real manly. Very sensitive and have their feelings hurt if they get yelled at or treated poorly. I told them they better never go into the Army. They do what our neighbor tells them to do, they obey him but they argue all night long with their father.

    I know I got imprinted when I was young.

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