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    Straight Female / 48

    Reccently I read an artcile which discussed i****t and I was very surprised by what it showed. First it showed that more boys have sexual relations with their mothers, than dauhgters do with their fathers. Fifty-four per cent of boys were reported to have had sex with their mother, while only twenty-eight per cent of gilrs have had sex with their father. It would seem that brother and sister sex has remained constant at fifty-six per cent. The article also stated how many counties have abolished i****t laws between consenting adults, and how social pressure is being put upon the remaining countries who have maintained such laws. Over all it reported how i****t is definitely on the increase and is now become far more accepted and common.
    I find this quite fascinating and telling of future trends. I would be intersted to hear from others who want to voice their opinions and views on this subject.

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    I have read and heard as much. More power to the people and individuals who can be free to chose their own life style!
    26 days ago
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    Sounds fun but you made it all up. Did you have sex with your parents? Do you actually know anyone that had sex with a parent?
    26 days ago
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    I don't know about the percentage of it happening. I can tell you that my mom would have my younger brother and in the tub and would masturbate us and or sometimes she would suck us.
    26 days ago
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    OP is lying.

    The real percentages are no where near those figures, and this comes from pro-i****t person who have actually studied this phenomenon.

    About 10% of cousins and siblings have experienced i****t. 5% of fathers and daughters have experienced i****t and only 2% of mothers and sons have done it. Gay i****t is even more rare, because of all the combinations, gay i****t happens only 5% of the cases and fortunately, it is as rare as r**e and m****tation is among these people.

    OP, or anyone who disagrees, please, do shut my mouth and tell everyone here what is the study you are referring to and lets see who is right.
    26 days ago
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    Incest, to me, is only bad in that the shallow gene pool makes for some real complications. Protected sex between family consenting members is fine to me. I have no statistics, but my wife had sex with her dad and her brothers. Our older daughter came back from college and joined my wife and I in the bedroom. She also admitted to having sex with her two sisters, but not her brother. My brother and I sucked each other's cocks until we went to college and still do occasionally. My wife brought our son into manhood. So I am comfortable with it, but against any procreation from the shallow gene pool.
    24 days ago
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    I fully agree. Consensual sex between relatives is completely fine but I would draw the line at procreation. If siblings, or the like, want to be in love and live together then fine but if they want children then they either need to adopt or have a surrogate or sperm donor from outside the family.
    23 days ago
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    As an 8-year old male, the first time I ever fucked someone was my 17 year-old stepsister. Not technically i****t I know, but shows how people living in the same house are drawn to one another. At 10, I spent an entire summer fucking my 11 & 13 year old cousins. They were the aggressors but I learned a lot that summer. The 17 and 13 year olds had nice boobs and very hairy pussies which is no doubt why I have a fetish for hairy pussy to this day. I wish I knew then all that I know now because there is no doubt that there are a handful of other family members I could have fucked if I'd just been knowledgeable enough to pursue it.
    16 days ago
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    I suspect the % figures are, as has been said, complete fantasy... As are most of the 'true' i****t confessions on the site.

    I fantasised about i****t still do, mom son & grnadma grandson, but it's not something that ever did, or now could happen for me.

    8 days ago
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    I had sex with my older sister when I was 11 and she was 16. I didn't even ejaculate the first few times, but rather just get this intense feeling that was almost ticklish. Eventually I did start ejaculating big loads of cum which she often swallowed. She said that she noticed my dick was big when I was only like five. We are both married and still have sex
    4 days ago

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