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    Straight Female / 48

    Weâve been married 26 years and Iâve cheated since we were dating. My husband is handsome, loving loyal. He works hard and is a perfect father to our son and daughter. He treats me with respect and defers to whatever I want to do and I want for nothing.

    Butâ&b rvbar;I cant help it. Iâve fucked more guys than I could even remember. I been in more than a few gangbangs, a number of three-ways and even fucked a guy one night on anniversary after we went out for a romantic dinner. Iâve fuked two of my daughters boyfriends, spent a weekedn at a hardcore BDSM club in Montreal and I actually rent a storage pod in secret to store my untra-slutty clothes and kinky toys.

    And as much as I couldnt stop and loved it afterward every time I immedid==ately regretted what I had done, There were times I was actually sick over what I had done and nearly vomited. Iâm a disgusting slut and feel awful even as I want and plan for more cock.

    Two years ago my husband became very sick with a blood disease and I ended up spending nearly all my time taking him to medical appointments and caring for him. I stopped my whoring and have been faithful for those two years. I still feel terrible, especially since he worships me for caring for him and sjowing my love. I do love him so much too. Here is the problem; Iâm so overwhelmed I want to confess everything to him because I feels I owe it to him. If I do, especially now, the news would be more than he could bear. If I donât, my guilt is consuming me. Iâm such a disgusting whore, I deserve to be burned alive.

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    What you did is not wrong. You were horny and wanted more. You are standing by your husband when he needs uou. So get rid of tge guilt, nothing to be guilty about!
    27 days ago
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    So are your living in canada?....what you have done most guys do all the time...
    27 days ago
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    No, dont tall him. The guilt you feel is what one gets when this happens, it's what you have to feel with. He doesn't deserve to get dragged into it
    23 days ago
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    As a happily married man myself, do your husband a favor and DO NOT tell him, it will absolutely break his heart and things will definitely collapse from there. Just scale things back to a more manageable level, if you know what I mean
    16 days ago
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    You want Guilt Tell Him! It will be 10 times worse dealing with what it will do to him. Every part of his life with you a Lie. Do yourself and Him a mercy and care for and love him enough to keep it to yourself.

    Hard choices Much Love for you both in this time.
    14 days ago
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    Assuming he is well now, you have a chance to start afresh.
    You can't turn off what turns you on.
    It will eventually get the better of you again.

    So why don't you go get your kinky things out of storage and get kinky with him ?
    Find out what he REALLY likes ?
    You might be as surprised as he would be if he knew all that you liked.

    My wife was a sexpot who had to have a variety of cocks.
    Especially black cocks.
    I knew this when I married her but I figured we'd find some middle ground because I knew I wanted to have a wife who was a slut.
    And she was in the all the right ways.
    Like you are.
    You don't fuck other guys because you're vindictive or malicious.
    You fuck them because you want to, you NEED to, because you have a powerful libido.
    Women like you are just simply awesome and the world needs more like you.

    I loved fucking my wife and fucked her 2 or 3 times a day for the first 3 or 4 years we were married.
    She never said no and that's every guy's dream: pussy anytime he wants it.
    But I never knew how much more of a turn on it could be until the first time I fucked my wife when I knew she had another guy's had cum in her.
    OMG !

    Then we tried another kink.
    Call me while she was still in bed with a guy right after they'd finished fucking.
    She'd play with his cum in her pussy while she told me she couldn't wait to bring it home in her so I could fuck her.

    Before long, we expanded the sex.
    She started dancing at a nude club and making extra doing private parties.
    But she loved knowing that no matter what she did it was hot, sexy, and without guilt, because she could home with cum in her and get off on her husband fucking her while she told all about what and who she'd been doing.

    Point is, we did it together and she got to fuck all she wanted, never had to hide anything from me, and always made me feel special, like a husband wants to, knowing she'd fuck me last.

    Hope things work out for you.
    Because you impress me as a woman who is both very caring and very sexual.
    I can only imagine what you must look like.

    Best to you both.
    11 days ago

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