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    Straight Female / 39

    My worst experience happened when I was a new freshman just accepted into my sorority and our first party to meet our counterpart fraternity was going on. A game started, new girls wore their room number and freshman frat boys had picked numbers at random and that's how you met. My boy was black. He felt that he had rights, he touched me and I yelled at him to keep his N hands off me.

    Up till that party I didn't know I had those feelings, but I did, and do. It created so much stress that I quit the sorority.

    I have a fifteen year old daughter, the school is shoving black kids down the throat of white girls. It is a shame campaign. Blacks have their own girls, keep your hands off our girls. I am moving my daughter to a private Christian Academy.

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    Itâs terrible how tv and other media always portray families as mixed race yet itâs always black male with white female and never the other way round.
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    What channel do you watch #1? My TV shows black boys and white girls and vice versa. Now you will see lots of programs (SHOWS) with more blacks than white. I remember when the law was that every white program had to have at least one black. Now I can see black programs and lucky to find one white. But listen up, I was born and raised in the south when they had segregation, the blacks had their own section of town while the whites had the rest. The blacks had their own schools and churches and cafeterias but I can't recall any fights going on between the sexes. Some of my best playmates were black. We got along well among each other. We still do even though we went through desegregation. My parents also taught me as a child to respect all my elders but it's now getting harder than hell to find one. LOL.
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    I'm white,I'll fuck your daughter

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