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    I know people who read this will think I am some kind of a pathetic loser. The fact is I have never had a real boyfriend. I have had sex with 3 different guys over the last two years. Aside from that the only sexual pleasure I have is from masturbation and for the last 6 months peeking into my neighbors window. Cole is the boy I have been watching a few nights a week. What is terrible is that he is only 15 or 16 and never has his side bedroom window covered and most of the time open on the bottom. He lives in the house in back of mine and I'm not sure if he even knows my name. The first time I peeked in was a fluke because I was only cutting through his yard to get to my friends house. He was not only naked when I looked in but he was laying on his bed jerking off. He is a real cute guy and from then on if I can see his light is on I sneak over and peek in at him. He masturbates a lot and even when I don't see him doing it I usually at least see him naked.

    Now I know this is shameful but I have been wearing a skirt when I go over without any underwear on. I actually stand there watching him and satisfy myself. I love watching him jerk off and it excites me seeing him ejaculate. The last few months I have been taking my dildo with me. After I orgasm and head home I feel like a freak for doing it. I have been having sex with a guy once in awhile for the last few months but I know he only calls me for the sex. He's one of the three I mentioned and between all three of them I think I have only had intercourse less than 20 times. I'm smart enough to know I'm not as pretty as most of the girls I know. The one guy I was going out with last year made it obvious he only wanted me for sex. Most of the time all he wanted was for me to give him blow jobs. So here I am now peeking into a teenagers bedroom and masturbating while I look at him naked, hoping to see him masturbate. I have stooped so low that I began taking pictures of him with my phone several months ago. I have three videos of him jerking off and at home watch them as I masturbate. I've become obsessed with watching him and many times I have had multiple orgasms when I see him jerk off. I so enjoy it while its happening but once its over I feel shameful for doing it. There have been weeks where I check to see if his light is on all seven nights. How desperate have I got to be invading this young guys privacy. I see him around the neighborhood sometimes but have never talked to him. I doubt he knows I even live in the house behind his.

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