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    Gay Male / 26

    I went to Seminary and I am an assistant youth pastor at a small church of about 400 members. I work with the youth pastor who is getting to retirement and he is teaching me the ropes and I am going to take over when he leaves. I have always been really attracted to older men with beards and I ended up giving one of the fathers of a boy in our congregation oral sex. I am very attracted to the man I had oral sex with, when he kisses me it is all I can do to keep my cool. He invited me to check out this vacant rent house he owns and he asked me if I wanted to be the girl and I told him yes and we had full on copulation.

    Being gay is a curse, why it happened to me I don't know. All it has done is gotten me in trouble. My position with the church is in the youth pastor's hands, he knows I am gay because I confessed to him and if it comes out I will lose my job. He told me to repent. I repent, everyday but it doesn't help.

    I look at myself in the mirror and ask why am I not a real girl. There is no answer to that, I'm gay and it's my punishment for some unknown sin I committed.

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    Being gay is not a punishment for any sin. It's just who you are. It's an attribute, nothing more.
    27 days ago
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    I agree completely, it is not a punishment.
    27 days ago

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