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    Straight Male / 29

    I met Vivian when she was at a topless bar dancing and in a whirlwind courtship we were strongly attracted to each other and one night we went up to Reno and were married.

    I am a owner operator truck driver and at first she would ride with me on trips but she missed her job and quit after only a few trips and went back to work.

    Hell I don't know if this marriage will last because i am 10 years older than she is but right now we are having fun and I am not the possessive type or at least I didn't think I was until my dispatcher called when I was waiting for people to unload my truck but I was still forth back in line so he sent another truck to handle the load I was supposed to get so I went home to wait for another load.

    It was late when I got home and I never paid any attention the the car parked out front and I was more interested in getting some of her tight pussy and I used my key to get in and I wanted to surprise her and boy did I ever surprise both of us.

    The night light from the bathroom mad it light enough for me to see her naked on her back and then I was shocked to see her leg drooped over a mans naked thigh and I stood there shocked for a second until my mind told me that they must have been fucking then I exploded in rage and anger .

    Vivian came awake staring at me and said what are you doing here I thought you were on your way to Arizona.
    I began cussing and yelling and in the confusion her lover managed to dress and escape as we yelled at each other and I stormed out of the house.

    The next day I was still mad but I went back to get a few things and we argued some more and she made it seam like it was my fault because she needed some loving once in awhile and I was always gone and I felt sorry for her and soon we were in bed fucking like mad and I was really turned on when I felt what must have been his cum still in her and god when I went off I came very powerful.

    We talked about a divorce but after awhile we decided it was best just to leave it as it was and before long i wanted to watch her with other guys but she wouldn't do it and sometimes when I am out on the road she will call me and tell me she has a guy with her in bed and she will take pictures of her hand jacking him off and once she had the guy film her sucking his cock and swallowing his cum.

    She is a real tease but in a way I do love her and when I get in from a long run I always fuck her just to see if there is another guys cum in her pussy.

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    I met my third wife at the gym.
    She worked a regular job during the week but on Friday and Saturday nights, she was a nude dancer at a local club.
    After we got married, she offered to quit, but I told her that I didn't expect her to do that, in fact, it turned me on and I was proud to be her husband she should keep dancing if she wanted to.

    She had regulars that would come by see her every week and she sometimes went home with one or two she knew and trusted if they wanted to hire her for a private party.

    She was always thrilled when I went down to the club to watch her dance.
    Her stage work was very sexy.
    She was probably the best I'd ever seen, but then I'm no doubt biased.

    But it was even hotter between stage times, watching her walk around totally nude except for 6" pumps, completely comfortable in her nakedness, chatting and flirting with different guys. sometimes talking and pointing me out to one or two.

    As a heads up, she'd wave at me so I'd know whenever she was asked to do a lap dance, bcuz she would often let whoever bought the lap dance sneak a finger into her c**t just for a tease and an extra bill.

    One night not long after, she called from work and said that one of her regulars wanted her to ask me asked if she could go home with him.
    I said that I didn't know if wasn't quite ready for that yet.
    But how about this?
    Bring him home instead.
    They could use our room for an hour.
    All I asked was that he had to cum in her pussy and when they were finished, I wanted him to watch me fuck her with his cum already in her.
    She squealed like a school girl when I said this and muffled the phone so I could tell she was relaying all of this to him.
    Needless to say, he agreed.

    The reason I'm saying all this is because you obviously love your wife and she loves you and your sex life in your marriage is yours together and if you base it on communication and creative trust, you can make it super special.
    If you tell your wife that to go ahead and dance if she wants to while you're gone, and if she wants to fuck, that's fine, just make you a part of it, call you and let you know ahead of time, or during, or after, or whatever you both like.
    I think she probably wants to and would appreciate any effort on your part to help her be creatively sexy and still respect you and be true to you in her heart.
    Because she is going to fuck other guys when you're gone and you know that.
    So she can make you a part of that thru communication.
    Do you seen where I'm going with this?

    Eventually, my wife went home with her regulars.
    She would always call me on the way and right after they finished.
    Sometimes she'd still be in bed with them.
    She'd tell me she had a big load she was going to bring home to her man.
    Luv you baby, kiss kiss, be home in 20, etc.

    There will be a commenter or two saying all this sounds like a bullshit story.
    But it's not.
    This was 25 years ago now, and I don't regret any of it.
    Wish I'd had a forum like this back then to post about sex

    Best of luck to you both.


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