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    Straight Male / 45

    I was shopping about a week ago in a department store. My wife wanted me to go buy some new pants for an event we're attending. It was mid afternoon and quiet in the store..not a lot of people shopping. I picked out some pants, couldn't see where the fitting rooms were. Found a young sales girl who pointed out where they were and asked if I needed any help with sizes, etc.. I went into one of the rooms and started to try some of the pants on. I had tried on a couple of pairs when I heard a soft voice ask if I needed any different sizes. I was surprised that she came into the men's fitting room. I was standing there with my shirt unbuttoned in my underware... I thought it was hit to be standing there with young hot girl just on the other side of the door. So I was totally surprised and couldn't believe it was happening when all of the sudden while asking if there was anything I needed, she opened the door! I was standing there speechless at first....she stood in the doorway smiling, then asked again if she could do anything for me. I can't explain, but I stood there and started to feel my dick start to grow. The salesgirl stood there smiling staring at the huge bulge in my underwear. My cock was stretching the waist band off my stomach I was so hard. She reached in and squeezed my cockhead. The reached in and pulled my cock out and fingered my swollen head. It was so fucking hot.
    Then she said it was a real turn on for her to watch guys jack off. I wrapped my hand around my shaft and started stroking my cock. As I pumped my thick hard shaft she stood and watched and would reach in and rub my knob with her finger tips and massage my balls. Soon there was a huge bead of pre-cum on the tip of my cock, she fingered it and rubbed it all over my head. By now my cock was huge and my head shiney from her rubbing my ore all over it..I could feel the cum slowly move up my cock hardened even more. I told her I was going to cum, I stood there pumping my cock hard as she continued to rub her fingers firmly over and under my flared helmet, I braced myself and she smiled wisely as I shot my load. It rocketed out of my cockead and covered her fingers and the dressing room wall splattering onto the floor. A huge wad of my cun was running down the dressing room wall as we stood there saying nothing. Then she said ok...let me know if I can get you any other sizes you may need and walked away! Excellent customer service!

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