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    Straight Male / 32

    Hi anyone who cares.

    Ok yall this my story of losing my virginity. Also hopefully putting my high school fling i guess you could say behind me FOREVER! It was the summer of 04. I was 16 yo and she was 14 looking back then and there it was truly magical. My dad had a 1987 Chevrolet cavalier black. Long story short my grandmother helped him get it. guess pops couldn't pay so she had it repoed. Years later in 2004 it was my first car. When i could finaly drive it needless to say i drove all over south carolina. Went to my homeboys Derrick's house he lived a couple of countys over.

    So were smoking some green must of been playing the ps2 And he starts telling me about this girl from eneroe. Shows me a picture of her. Calls her up and introduced us right there on the spot. About a week later after several phone calls i drove up to meet her probably 15 20 miles up to her place. She was waiting for me at the end of her driveway. She was smiling at me when i pulled up. Dark blond hair blue eyes she really was gorgeous. After a short while we got close very close. Like i said i was 16 she was 14.

    One night i drove up to her place her mom was at work and i think her dad was in prison for jumping on someone over her brother. She had a lot of sisters they were always at her house. Me and her were sitting in my car in front of her house. I was showing her my new cd player i just had put in. The acon album Just droped we were listing to lonely. Hi C.H if you're reading this. We started out in the front seats. This is a two door compact coupe btw. Some how we managed to get in the back seat gotta love theme old cars. I remember being clueless. After fumbling for a bit i managed to penetrate her. She moaned a lil and she kinda coached me from there.

    I wasn't sure of my self at all i remember her sucking my neck and kissing her. Next thing i knew i nutted in her it felt so good i couldn't pull out. I dont think she was thrilled about it. We cuddled there for a few more minutes before i drove home. She was my gf for a while after that. But as young love goes we drifted apart. Im basically married with three kids now. I did have 2 or mabey 3 affairs with her in my new life. Unfourantly time goes on. I will alwalys love you C.H. and mabye in another life we can be together Happily just not this one.

    From LONELY forever.

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