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    Straight Female / 28

    My confession is that for as long as I can remember I have been a exhibitionist. I look for opertunities to do it everyday. I'm married to a wonderful man and I tried to softly bring it up on more than one occasion , but each time the conversation gets side tracked. It's not just that I am exposing myself to men, it's also the fact that sometimes I let it play out. This addiction of mine has caused me to have sexual encounters with many different men over my life time. I know it's cheating and I know that eventually he's going to find out. I seriously can't stop. Yesterday was one of the craziest days of my life. I exposed myself to 6 different men during the course of the day and ended up having sex with each one. On top of that I lied to my husband and said that I wasn't feeling well last night when he wanted sex. I'm going to have my car's brakes looked at this morning and I plan on walking to the mall while they do that. The mall is a good place to start my day of exposure.

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    Would love to read posts of detailed descriptions of your exhibitionist scenarios.
    What turns you on, how and where you express and display, and what are some of the sexual responses you've gotten.

    Don't count your husband out.
    He might actually be supportive and perhaps even want to contribute and participate.

    I'm sure that's what you would prefer rather than continuing in the present situation of secrecy and guilt.
    You married him for a reason and no doubt with full knowledge of your king.

    I was married to an exhibitionist.
    It was amazing and awesome to see how men reacted, to be a part of the raw sexuality involved.
    26 days ago
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    Sorry. Typo. I meant 'kink' instead of king.
    26 days ago
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    I was not expecting anyone to respond. I find myself a little embarrassed . Which is weird seeing how I'm an exhibitionist.
    25 days ago
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    So there's many different ways to expose yourself. One of my favorite ( oops ) ways is while carrying a couple bags of clothes, groceries or whatever. Oops my blouse pop's open right in front of a man. I do this by holding the side under my arm pit. I normally use wrap over blouses. You should see how some of them try to help me put everything back in lol. But there's many different ways , driving with my skirts hiked up ( normally summer ) sunbathing in a semi public place, all kinds. Sometimes I'm not suddle and when I see a man or men approaching I have gotten completely naked so when they come around the corner. Oops there I am. I don't do that one very often , it's hard to explain to the police when I get caught.
    25 days ago
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    I would love to come across a naked young lady. I'm hard just thinking about you and your confession. You made my day.
    25 days ago
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    Which mall? I would love to meet you.
    24 days ago
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    Tacoma mall is my favorite , but sometimes I drive to south center mall because it's so big.
    24 days ago
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    I can relate and was considering posting my confession as well lol. My big thing is doing the delivery challenge thing, where I delivery guys come to the door and I expose myself that way.
    24 days ago
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    Tacoma. Damn! Iâm in the Chicago area.
    22 days ago
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    This is #1 again.
    More stories, please.
    You sound like an awesome woman !

    My wife used to routinely walk around naked in the house when my friends were there.
    Often outside too and without a care as to who might see.
    Several times she has answered the front door naked.

    This became such an easy comfortable way for her and I to experience her kink together.
    After talking about it, we decided that she should be able to feel open enough to fuck whoever she wants when the mood strikes because spontaneity is such a big part of the turn on in exhibitionism.

    To protect me, she never hides anything, always lets me know, plays it up in a way that enhances our sex life, whispers in my ear what she did or wants to do and asks for my help doing it, gives me her wet pussy, etc.

    You might consider these things and try to incorporate your husband into your kink.
    He might be very receptive.
    I'm sure he would be if it involved you being naked a lot.
    22 days ago

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