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    Straight Female / 22

    My Brother Ricky

    Ricky is three years younger than me. I wouldn't mind it if he was just a pest like most younger brothers. But Ricky also has Down's syndrome, which means that he is intellectually disabled.

    When I had just turned 16, Ricky was 13 but acted more like an 8 year old. He is a ginger with red hair and freckles. In addition, he has the characteristic Mongoloid facial features of someone with Down's. Although he was developing muscles on his arms and legs, he was also a little bit on the chubby side in his gut.

    I was pretty hot for a 16 yr. old if I do say so myself. I was 5'6" and had long legs to match. My sandy blonde hair was also long and dropped down about half way to my butt. I think my butt was my best feature at the time, with just the right amount of bubble without being too fat.

    My breasts were still developing, but at the time my tits were 34" with B cups. My nipples and areolas were pretty puffy. They really got aroused and erect whenever I diddled myself, which I had been doing since I was about 11.

    I was pretty popular at school, because I was on the cheer squad. I tried to hang out with other hot girls, especially since they helped attract all of the cute and athletic guys.

    I think Ricky had the raging hormones of all 13 yr. old boys, but didn't know how to control them and was completely inept when he tried to talk to my friends. It didn't help that they would tease him and pretend to be his girlfriend, but all along were making fun of him.

    One evening after some of my friends were particularly cruel to him, I decided to apologize to Ricky when they left. I went to find Ricky in his bedroom, but I stopped at his door when I heard some grunting and moaning coming from behind his door.

    Having an idea of what was happening behind it, I gingerly opened his door just a crack. I could make out Ricky sprawled out naked on his bed. He was stroking his 5" cock with one hand, and playing with his balls with his other. I had never seen a guy naked before, let alone beating their meat.

    Ricky was moaning out some of my girl friends names so I guessed that he was fantasizing about them. I was transfixed and watch him intently as he jerked off, until he began to spew ropes of cum all over his stomach and even as high as his chest. Ricky hadn't noticed me watching so I quietly closed his door before I was caught.

    I fled back to my own room as I was filled with mixed emotions. I had never really thought of my brother before as a sexual being, but obviously he was more mature in this regard than I gave him credit for, and had things well in hand. I thought about how erotic it was watching Ricky abuse himself. Absent mindedly I even began to finger my pussy under my panties. Although I had made out with several boys, it had not gotten any further and I had no sexual experience with a guy.

    As I recalled Ricky playing with himself, I was diddling my pussy, and squeezing my nipples and breasts. It wasn't long before I had the strongest orgasm that I had ever had, and drenched my panties until they were sopping wet. I thought that I might have even peed myself, because I had never had experienced such a gushing of pussy juices before.

    After other visits from my girlfriends, when they left I could hear Ricky through our adjoining bedroom walls pleasuring himself. Although I did get somewhat aroused from his sexual noises, it was not completely satisfying.

    So I got more daring, and decided to peek in on Ricky's activities through his bedroom door as I had done on the first night. I also did not wait to return to my bedroom, but began to finger bang my pussy as I watched Ricky enjoy himself. I was careful to be as silent as possible so my fun would't be interrupted.

    One night as both Ricky and I were pleasuring ourselves seperately, something completely unexpected happened. As Ricky was cumming, he began to call out my own name "Gwen Gwen!"

    Since I was the only Gwen that he knew, my little brother must have been fantasizing about me as he jerked off. The thought of Ricky being turned on by me sexually was a total mind fuck and put me over the top. I had my own orgasm but could not keep it quiet as I had done before. I started to squirt out my pussy juices all over the bedroom floor as my knees began to buckle and I collapsed, moaning out my own brother's name "Ricky Ricky!"

    I was sexually delirious as my first mutual orgasm with a guy was with my own younger brother.

    My brother had obviously become aware of my presence watching him cum, and became so distressed that he started to cry. I felt so bad spying on him and getting off at his expense so I tried to calm him down. Plus I didn't want our parents to hear him and discover what we had been doing.

    I shushed him and said that it was okay and perfectly natural. I took his hand and inserted his index finger into my pussy so he could feel my  wetness. I used my own fingers to gather some of his cum off of his stomach, and licked if off of my fingers, telling him it tasted so good. In reality it felt so erotic being naughty with Ricky.

    He settled done and even smiled a bit with the show that I was putting on for him. He began to stroke the inside of my pussy with his finger, and I genuinely moaned as I began to get aroused again. I took his free hand and placed it under my t-shirt. Ricky began to naturally massage my one breast and moan a little himself.

    I bent down to kiss Ricky on his forehead, but he lifted his head so his lips would meet with my own and we french kissed passionately. I was so surprised because I doubted that Ricky had any experience with another girl, but he responded to my sexual overtures so naturally.

    I tore off my t-shirt because my baby brother was getting me all hot and bothered again. I began to kiss him on his neck and nibble on his ear lobes. Ricky mimicked my actions and began to do the same to me. I rubbed my hands all over his chest, and without prodding he started to massage my one breast more vigorously with his free hand and began to suckle on the erect nipple of my other breast.

    Meanwhi le as my pussy was getting wetter, Ricky somehow found a way to insert a second finger into it and my juices really began to flow.

    I didn't want our play to be one-sided, and for me to selfishly get-off too soon. So I lowered my face onto his chest, and began a combination of kissing it and licking up the remnants of Ricky's cum off of it. This was my first taste of a guy's cum and it had a slight hint of saltiness.

    Then I worked my way down to Ricky's cock, which had become hard all over again. This was the first time that I had seen an erect penis up close and personal. I began to stroke his cock with one hand and play with his balls with the other, as I had seen Ricky do to himself.

    Ricky had freed his fingers from my pussy as it was awkward to reach in this position. No matter, as I began to grind my pussy against his leg and I found it hairyness to be such a turn-on.

    I licked my tongue up and down the shaft of Ricky's cock, as he began to use his hands on the back of my head to guide his cock into my mouth. I started to swirl my tongue around his shaft in my mouth, as Ricky moaned in response.

    I slide his cock in and out of my mouth, as I lubricated it with spit from my tongue and lips. Ricky began to grunt incoherently, so I suspected that he was about to cum. Since it was my first time I wasn't sure if I wanted to spit or swallow?

    I decided against swallowing as I thought that I might gag. I pulled Ricky's cock out of my mouth just at the same time he started to cum. I took his cock and used it to paint his white jizz all over my face. I couldn't believe how much it turned me on as I felt so nasty and submissive. I loved the warmth of his cum on my face and how it made me feel like my brother's dirty little whore.

    Both Ricky and I had to take a breather. We both laid back on his bed, he with his body glistening from his sweat, and me with his cum glazed all over my face.

    I made Ricky promise that he would tell no one what we had done together that night, and especially our parents. If anyone found out I told him, we would be seperated and never see each other again.

    If he kept his promise, I told him that we could play like this some more.

    This us how I turned my little brother Ricky into my personal fuck buddy.

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    My brother is autistic and I started to suck his cock when he turned 12. In return I made him lick peanut butter out of my pussy.
    24 days ago
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    GEE, I kept wondering if this was made up or truth. I was thinking, at 16 I don't think she was that experienced, especially still being a virgin as I understood it but then I rechecked her age, 22, and decided she was writing about past experience. Now it began to make sense but still bothering me was, in home while their parents, plus some siblings, were present and they never got caught? WOW!
    22 days ago
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    If you are who I think you are, your brother Ricky is dead. He died young. Plus, you tried to scam your Grandpa and it backfired on you. So, there, I believe you are up shit creek now and if your have stopped that dope, give me a call. I'll give you a fucking you'll never forget!
    18 days ago

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