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    My friend and her husband were going away on vacation for a week and they didn't want to leave their 18 year old son home alone. The last time they did he had a party and they didn't want a repeat of that so he was going to stay with me. His parents made it quite clear he was to listen and do everything I asked or there would be consequences. The first night I told him I wanted him to shower before going to bed. He told me he showers in the morning and I told him he still could but I also wanted him to shower before going to bed too so he didn't go into a bed dirty. He said he would and waited for me to leave the room. I asked what he was waiting for and he told me to leave so he could get undressed.I may have overstepped my authority when I told him there was no need to be modest as I had seen many men naked and reminded what his parents said. I could see was very hesitant to do so but eventually did. He was trying to cover himself with his hands and I told him there was no reason to hide himself from me. He told me he was a grown adult and he shouldn't be doing this. I reminded him his parents had him stay with me because they didn't feel he was a responsible adult and he was to do everything I said. I could see he was extremely nervous and soon he stood there naked in front of me with everything exposed. It was nice to see a young man naked but I think I enjoyed the power I had over him. I surprised myself by not giving in and taking away his privacy.

    He threatened to tell his parents what I made him do. I laughed and told him I would tell them it was all lies and that he was the one who decided to run around naked and then asked him who he thought they would believe. I think he he felt trapped and I decided to push things a little more with him. I told him he needed to get over his fear of being naked in front of me and that unless he was leaving the house we was going to wear nothing. It seemed like he was going to reply and fight that order but figured it was going to be futile. I had a young naked man in my home for a week which was a very pleasant exciting experience for me.

    Could this get any better? I caught him in the bathroom once masturbating. He was panicked being caught and immediately stopped. I ordered him to continue which he adamantly fought but eventually gave in and I watched as he did. I could tell he was very embarrassed with what he just did so I pushed the envelope further with him. I told him that was going to be a daily routine for his stay with me and I was going to watch him every time. He called me a pervert. I told him name calling wouldn't change the situation.

    His whole stay had some impact on him but I don't know how much or how. I sensed the second time he masturbated for me he was a little too willing to. It almost seemed like he was an exhibitionist and he may have been playing me. He masturbated more than once a day and called me each time to watch when he could have easily done so in private and I wouldn't have even known. Whatever the reason I didn't really care as I was getting a regular show from a nice young man.

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    You tease, what else did you do for him?

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