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    I had the opportunity to do this in a hotel I have stayed at for business with an interesting outcome. They have a hot tub out by the pool. I went in and there was an older couple in there. They looked like they were in their 50's. We started talking and they mentioned they wished the sauna was out where both sexes could use it together. There were 2 saunas with one located in the men's change room and one in the women's change room. Given it was pretty late and there were only 2 other people around, both women, who were swimming, I mentioned they should just go use the sauna in the men's change room. The seemed a little concerned about going in there and the wife getting caught where she shouldn't be. I told them I didn't mind if she was in there and I doubted any other guys would be coming in at this hour. They spent a little longer in the hot tub before they left and went to go use the sauna in the men's change room. I said I would see them in there soon.

    I went into the change room but before I went into the sauna I slipped off my swimsuit and wrapped a towel around me. I walked in and they were in their swimsuits sitting together. I sat right across from them and opened my towel. They seemed a little shocked but there were warnings prior to entering the sauna stating that nudity was allowed as long as you sat on a towel. Given that it was a men's change room you would normally only be exposing yourself to other men but in this case a woman was seeing me. They didn't say anything and didn't leave. They accepted it. The husband only stayed for about 10 minutes and was going to have a shower but both the wife and me stayed in there for close to a half hour.

    Once the wife heard the water running in the shower she slipped her arms out of her one-piece swimsuit exposing her breasts. She didn't say why she did it and I didn't ask. Once she heard the water stop she put her arms back into her swimsuit, covered her breasts and left the sauna. I heard them talking with the wife mentioning she was going to quickly rinse off and asking the husband to take their stuff to the room. I heard the door to the change room close so I figured they had left. I left the sauna and heard water running. I assumed someone else had actually shown up but when I went to go use the showers myself the wife was in there and she was naked. I asked where her swimsuit was and she told me she gave everything to her husband to take back to their room. I wondered how she was going to get back to her room and figured I would wait and find out. She had more than a quick rinse and we both talked as we showered. She didn't mind washing her naughty bits in front of me and it caused a reaction from me. I think she deliberately was doing it more and more as it was causing a rise out of me.

    Once done we toweled off and she then took a towel and wrapped it around her. I was about to put my clothes on when she asked why and suggested wrapping a towel around myself like she had, so I did. I put my clothes and shoes in my bag and she walked me to my room. She gave me a kiss right on my lips and a great big hug where her towel dropped off. During the hug I felt my towel fall resulting in our naked bodies being pressed right against each other. She told me she better leave before she does something she would regret.

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