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    I wasn't the one doing this but I witnessed it. Maybe the participants will write about it in the future.

    Last summer I heard some sounds of people coming from out back so I took a look out my window to see what was going on. It was the neighbors along with their 2 boys and another 2 couples, 3 other boys and one girl. The neighbors boys are 15 and 12 years old. One of the other boys looked about 15 and the other 2 boys around 12. The girl looked a couple of years older and I would guess she was about 17 years old.

    It was a very hot day and there was a sprinkler turned on in their backyard with the 5 boys running through the water it was spraying out. They were all laughing and screaming when doing so. Their backyard is not very private and anyone can easily look into it and with the laughing and screaming happening many neighbors may have looked over. There wasn't anything special about what they were doing except all 5 boys were naked. They were running around like it was no big deal. I wondered what the girl was thinking seeing all these boys running around like they were.

    I was hoping the girl would join them and eventually she did but wearing a bikini.

    I assumed all the couples were the parents of these boys and the girl. I think it was amazing the parents allowed their boys to run around like they did.

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    I'm sure the boys LOVED the freedom of being able to run around outside naked like that! At those ages, they were probably all sporting hard-ons - at least until they got used to the feeling of it. I'm glad that their parents allowed them to do that, and that none of the neighbors got freaked-out and called the cops. After all, nudity is the most natural state of being! Why not allow them to enjoy it?
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    I had a neighbor once where something similar occurred. They had 2 naked boys running around their back yard through a sprinkler. The father was running through the sprinkler with them and he was naked too. It's the only time I had seen a neighbor naked. Since we had a chain-link fence between our properties it wasn't hard to see everything. The father walked over once he saw me. The mother was there too but she was dressed and apologized for the nudity. I told her there was no need to apologize as they were all just having some fun. The father said I was more than welcome to join them. The mother said "Great, now you are inviting neighbors over to join you". She said she had to go to meet her friend and would be back in a couple of hours.
    I mentioned the boys were having a lot of fun and the father made the offer again to come over and join them. I mentioned it appeared his wife didn't want me over. He said she could be a bit of a party pooper and told me she wouldn't be back for couple of hours and not to worry about her. I went over over and stripped down. They we were 2 young boys and 2 very grown boys running around the backyard naked. I was surprised when about a half hour later his wife returned and caught me. The wife said she couldn't believe 2 grown men were running around naked for all the neighbors to see. When I got undressed I wasn't thinking about anyone other than the father and boys seeing me. I looked around and saw 5 people from 2 neighboring houses looking our way. It was too late to cover up anything they had seen so we just continued playing as naked as we were earlier.

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