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    "Your husband is a very lucky guy." My wife has told me many variations of this so many times. Our marriage evolved into a Hotwife relationship long before she or I even knew such a thing existed. To us it was just my high libido, uninhibited wife enjoying as much sex as she could get and me getting a thrill out of her outside sexcapades.

    She started out full filling a few fantasies and ended up about as slutty as a good woman can be. Then one night after she spent a few hours in bed with a very well hung man she told me, he said "your husband is a very lucky guy" while his dick was pounding my wife's pussy. He explained that he'd never been with such a perfect pussy in his life. He texted me a few days later praising her pussy, tight, smooth, so wet and stays wet. That's her pussy right there. As tight as she is her pussy can adjust to just about any size cock and she can cum and cum and never dries up. She's soaked many a bed sheet and thrilled many a guy with her gushing orgasms.

    She's told me many variations of "Your husband is a lucky guy" and I've received shit tons of texts and email testimonials to her awesome pussy. It's become part of the thrill. Sometimes I'll ask a guy how her pussy was and off they go talking about it. Some guys ask if it's ok to take pics to remember it by. Of course! Some send me copies which I always save. A few guys have asked to post pics of her pussy on line and I say yeah as long as her face isn't in it. I've gone and seen it in it's glory more than a few times as I hope many other men have too.

    She's out tonight. Met a new guy at Applebees for drinks. Then to a hotel. They've been there almost an hour. Right about now he's thinking "What a pussy" and before long she'll be hearing "Your husband is a lucky guy!"

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