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    Straight Male / 39

    My girlfriend a while ago was super into sex .
    She started by licking my butt and always being into toys .
    She wanted threeway as did I so we started with her friend make lives out of town.
    With drinks ended up watching her get doggie style .
    For some reason I got into that and 69 her as he entered and let my mouth be used by both .
    This ever happen ? Comment more detail ?

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    It's never happened to me, but DAMN I wish it would! I'd love to be the guy who was in your position in a threesome. I've always dreamed of doing oral on a woman while she's being hammered by another guy. I want to be right there using my tongue to lick and suck her clit, and anything else that passes my mouth. I also would love to get behind her while she rides the other guys cock, and tongue fuck her ass. And of coarse, I'll lick anything else that touches my face. Hard to find a girl who will do that sort of thing where I live. Especially without her being judgemental of my sexuality. Plus, its a rural community, and you can't keep secrets around here.
    22 days ago
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    I have actually done this with my wife many times especially when we were younger. Unfortunately as we get older she's less and less interested in doing it.
    22 days ago
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    I could never get my wife to do it. She'd let me talk all the sex talk about it that I want during sex, because she knew it turned me on. But she would never join in on the sex talk, or even consider doing it. Most guys want a FMF 3-some, and I'd like that too, but I've always dreamed of having a MFM 3-some. Not sure how far I'd actually go, but I'm sure it would be fun to try and see...
    19 days ago

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