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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Q. How does a normal kid who loves girls, end up sucking Cocks and wanting to be spit roasted by multiple men, while being married to a wonderful woman.
    A. Blame it on daddy and the wonderful wife.
    I found dads porn stash at a very early age, 8 this was full on hardcore XXXX b & w pictures graphic stories & personal ads that puts some of the stuff you see today to shame.
    Now all I want to do as soon as I'm alone at home is call gay chat lines and try hooking up with like-minded married men.
    Funally enough this was all triggered by my wife as she threw up my cum onto my stomach after she blew me and said I'd like to see you do it better. Then I was off. Over the next 20'years I've sucked a dozen Cocks been sucked off by at least the same, 3 guys have tried Fucking me, none had any lube or patience, So I'm still a virgin, but fantasize all the time about being spit roasted and taking on all cumers. I love being on my knees, love holding a total strangers Cock in my hand stroking it, licking it and taking it all in my mouth. The thought of kissing a man repulses me but having his Cock in my mouth, his sperm on my face, or his hands on my waist really gets me hard. I want to be Fucked, I want to feel a Cock inside my arse, I want to be pounded, be full of Cock, would love to be on my back with my head over the edge with a Big Cock in my mouth while my hole is being pounded and I'm jacking off 2 other guys,
    OMG, I could lay there All day take on all cumers, until the wife came home and walked in on me, I could look up at her as his Cock falls out of my mouth, sperm dripping of me everywhere and say I did it honey, I did it and love it, then go back to the Cum fest. Fantasies gotta love em.

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