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    Sex under Moonlight

    This went back in very cold weather,I was living away alone on rent.
    One horny night I was so aroused,I was aroused as now I want my pussy to get drilled and filled. My every nerves need sexual nice massage of huge cock. I love the adventurous sex as it have fear of getting caught and
    Pleasure of called slut. I got naked and went on my terrace at midnight rubbing my clit hard.There was no one to see me but feeling of getting naked in open is amazing. Suddenly I heard the some sound,I was shocked but it was thrilling. The boy next to my Terrace saw me naked rubbing my clit. It was night but moonlight was naughty that night. The boy tried to show as he saw nothing,but I can see his nice bulge in his pants. I want that bulge to get quite by my pussy. He also got naked and started stroking his cock, moaning .I bited my lips moaned harder,it was signal for sex. He jumped at my terrace and came closer to me. I went on my legs as slave for his master. I was searching that huge cock,it was face turning cock too big too handsome.
    I took his cock in my fist it was so hard and hot full of cream for me.He said this cream is all yours.I was in such a shock as I found my oath in desert and water for thirsty bitch.Yes I was too thirsty for his cream.
    I move his cock to and fro it's moving sound was amazing. I spit on his cock rubbed hard with my hand. Now I took his cock in my thirsty mouth,it was amazing feeling. I sucked it too nicely as I was too thirsty,i was sucking it like mad. Then he grabbed my hair and start drilling my mouth under moonlight.
    He was moaning my sound of sucking cock aroused me. What the nice fucking slut I am .I was sucking while looking at his eyes.He took his cock out and started stroking on my face. Wow! Nice hot cum covered my face in such a cold night,I took his cum in my mouth wow i liked his hot tasty cum. he squizzed my boobs and cover them too white.I want my pussy to get fucked he drilled me hard all my nerves relaxed. I want his cum in my pussy. He cummed inside me he squizzed my ass and lied me on floor and covered me white as much as cum he have. He ran back as we could get caught. I lied there painted white relaxed under the moonlight,my pussy got filled by strange cum...

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