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    It happened like this. I accepted an invitation to go on a mission trip to Bolivia in the lowlands near Santa Cruz with our church. There were six men on this trip, it was about helping the local town build a small church. At the town there was no real hotel and we were housed in local homes. The house that I was put up in had a man and his wife and two young boys in the 11 to 13 year age band.

    This small house had one bathroom facility, out back behind the kitchen. As best I could tell so did all the other small houses in the town. The bathroom was a small block thing, with an open window about six feet above the floor, a gap underneath for ventilation and tiled floor with a toilet, small washbasin and a shower. I go out in the morning to relieve myself and I run into the lady of the house sitting on the toilet, no lock on the door. She gives me this meek smile, I back off real quick feeling as low as you can go.

    That night when I was getting ready to go to bed she came into the small room, her kids had been booted to sleep with the parents and she stood there and lifted her dress up above her hips displaying her naked middle kingdom. I speak some Spanish, and she said in Spanish, 'in case you like it, here it is'. I am speechless, struck silent. She goes on to so say 'don't worry, we know you are far away from your wife', and again still standing there with her dress up over her naked hips she says 'here, it's for you, my husband wants you sleep well, this is yours'.

    What do you do? How do you respond, to say no is to insult her and more importantly the man of the house who sent his wife to me. She takes off her dress completely and her bra and she is totally naked, a small woman probably in her early thirties, not ugly by any means, she comes over and grabs my hand and lays back on the bed and says to me again in Spanish 'come here, fuck all you want'. She is laying there on her back, her legs open but not wide open, her arms reaching out, her dark nipples against her breasts, she says again 'a man needs to fuck, here my husband wants to you sleep well'.

    Not fucking her was worse than fucking her. She helped me get undressed, she sucked on my dick, knowing what to do, she laid back on the bed and opened her legs and pulled me on and with her hand she guided my dick into her waiting hole, she wrapped her arms around my neck and told me to 'fuck all I wanted' until I finished inside of her. There was no kissing, nothing like that, she laid me back on the bed and licked my dick, smiled and got dressed and left the room.

    Every night, four remaining nights, she came to the room, she was calm and collected, including getting on her hands and knees and asking me if I wanted to fuck her like a wolf, she sucked on my dick both before sex and after sex, she let me look at her in the moonlight on the bed, at times when I was doing my best she held onto my neck and repeated over and over again 'do it hard, do it like a man'.

    We did our best to help them with the church building, in the end it was more about raising the money than the work. My hostess always greeted me in the morning with a large breakfast and hot coffee and a big smile. The husband looked the same, same non committal face.

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