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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    When I was 18 years old I was once getting drunk with my cousins on a Friday night and my stepsister had just turned 18 and she began drinking with us and we drank all night until all my cousins got Ubers home and me and my stepsister helped each other down stairs. She was a very innocent girl although she had caught me masturbating once and she wouldn't stop staring but I told her to spend the night in my room so she wouldn't get caught smelling like alcohol. After about 5 minutes we got hot under the covers so I told her let's take off our clothes and she complied willingly and happily. I cuddled up against her being the big spoon and slightly put my half hard dick between her ass cheeks and she giggled and turned her head and kissed me. I slowly begin kissing her neck and massaging her and after awhile of teasing I began fucking her and she began bleeding. She had just turned 18 and lost her virginity that same day and was moaning my name quietly and I kept at it for about an hour before she began crying because it was hurting her w little so I took it out but the second I took it out she got on too and shoved it in her immediately. I kept going until I cummed and I wasn't wearing a condom and I had gotten her pregnant but we both smiled and said we would try to have a baby again in the future once we were older so in the morning I got her a plan B and we occasionally would eat each other and suck each other off and one time I let her finger me with my own cum.

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