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    Gay Male / 26

    I never felt poor, not until my father was sent to jail. My mother's job was minimum wage, we ended up in a decrepit rent house on food stamps and public assistance. At sixteen I had a job at gas station, the man let me work there but there really wasn't a job there. A mechanic came and went, and one afternoon after school we were alone there and I got it in the ass. After that I never saw the mechanic again, he never came back.

    I shrugged it off, but I never forgot it. After high school I joined the Air Force and I was sent to Germany. While I was there a Sergeant had a reputation, and another enlisted guy told me to keep my pants on and keep my ass to the wall. All that did was get me excited. He was a nasty guy, smoked cigars, and talked tough to the enlisted guys. I couldn't make out whether he went for guys or not, even as I fantasized about being shoved up against the wall and getting a new asshole. I fixated on it, but it never happened.

    It happened with another enlisted man one weekend when we were on leave and went into town, we ended up making out behind a warehouse and giving him a blowjob. I wanted his cock real bad but we got scared and left after the blowjob. I got discharged early and sent back home. I got a job in construction, got fired and got a job as a clerk in the shoe department in the mall. The man who hired me was gay and he invited me to his apartment and I gave him a blowjob and after six years I got it up the ass again.

    It was another two years before I got taken down by a bartender and given a hard fucking.

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