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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    Before moving into the newly bought apartment, the maintenance work was

    being going on for a few days. When all the workers have departed after

    the days work before moving out I was just checking the bathroom taps and

    heard the next door neighbour's wife calling out for her husband from

    their bathroom. There was a ventilation just below the ceiling of my

    bathroom and it was kept open for painting purpose. Again when I heard

    she calling out her husband, I just adjusted two stools on top of the

    other and climbed up and peeped through the ventilation. Since it was

    almost dark and I had put the lights of my bathroom off, I saw that the

    neighbors bathroom had a window at shoulder length down and the window

    panes were kept open with only the mosquito net. The window of my

    bathroom was closed and converted into a rack, so they had no fear of

    anyone watching. I saw the wife was fully naked as if ready for bath and

    she was inviting her husband to take bath together. Saying so she went

    out of the bathroom and came back with her husband. She was pulling her

    husband by his cock which was almost erect by then. They showered a

    little and then she bent down catching the tap for balance. The man

    simply started fucking in doggy style. I too started jerking my cock

    alongwith their movement and started to count. In between he sometimes

    bends forward and fondled the dangling boobs. She was thrusting back her

    butts and I counted around 350 and the man started to be faster and I

    lost my count as I was about cum. The man pumped two three last strong

    thrusts and took out his big dick and started pumping out his huge cum on

    her buts and back. She then sat back and licked his cock and sucked the

    last cum out of his cock. I too came at the same time just standing on

    the two stools. Back home I fucked my wife thinking her as the wife of

    the new neighbor and had a good sex experience. Unfortunately after one

    month they too converted their window into rack as ours and put an

    exhaust fan at the top corner. However I still fuck my wife thinking

    their sex session. But I could last only 50 - 60 strokes and I am done.

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