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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    My first sex was gay sex. I was the bottom for a man in my neighborhood. Then I started letting him turn me out to some of his gay friends. I say gay, though most were married with children. I was 14 when it started and I was getting fucked by several men every week, and a lot of weekends there were gangbangs. I slowed down when at 19 I got a girlfriend who let me fuck her whenever I wanted. After that I still had gay sex with the original guy and some of the others that I liked but it was more like a guy, sometimes 2 to 4 once a week. I have a recent girlfriend and I never realized it but she'd never seen my butt hole. She was shocked and asked how many guys I've let fuck me because it's so puffy and big. It is big and the ring puffs out almost like a womans pussy. I denied it and she's insisting to know about my former gay lifestyle. I've never admitted that I've done that to any girl, I'm not sure what to say but she says she doesn't mind as long as I'm with her exclusively right now. I'm not sure what to say

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    The truth.
    7 days ago

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