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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    We had the outdoor bathroom door worn out at the lower part due excess

    water falling on the wooden panel. In a standing position any one could

    see the leg portion from a distance. One day only my younger sister who

    is two year young than me and myself of 20 years old were alone as others

    where out. In evening I got up from my sleep and was moving around and

    heard my young sister bathing with water running sound. As I casually

    looked at the crack of the door I could see that see was sitting on her

    heels. I could see her side butts round and water sprinkling around her

    butts and heels. Just out of curiosity I just kneeling down peered to

    see what is going on. To my utter surprise my young 18 year old sister

    fully nude was sitting close to the bath room wall under the running tap

    with the water directly falling on to her wide spread pussy which she had

    kept wide with her two fingers. The other hand was held on to the tap to

    balance her on her heels. She at times took her hand off the pussy to

    massage her boobs as the water flowed into her pussy. At a stage she

    started to tremble and I knew she is going to have a climax. She further

    thrust her clitoris to the water flow and she fell back numb with the

    climax. At that moment my sister noticed my palm flat on the floor in her

    sitting position . She immediately stood and shouted to me saying I am

    your sister bathing, go away. Embarrassed I backed out, went to my room

    and started masturbating. And as I was about cum my sister was at the

    door muttered something and as I was raising my head I started cumming in

    loads straight at my sister who in utter surprise was horrified to such

    act and left the room. Thereafter I could every look direct into her eyes

    and still have fear whether she will spell it out to any one.

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    In a similar situation, but it was my young grown up sister who was 18

    years old. She used to go to the toilet outside the house for peeing and

    one day I noticed she never closes the toilet door and pees with the door

    open. The next day as usual she went out to the toilet to pee and I just

    after some time ensuring she would be in the middle of the peeing, rushed

    to the open toilet and my god she was looking down at her own hairy pussy and

    peeing happily. I had a full view of her pussy with dark thick pubic hair

    and the pee coming out straight. As I reached the door frame, she got

    startled and half the way of her pee she stood with her skirt falling

    down. I just casually warned her do it after closing the door and turned

    back. I immediately went to my room and took my cock in my and had a

    fast jerk. In the night too thinking of that young pussy had to

    masturbate with never before full climax
    8 days ago
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    When I was around 13 of age and was at my Uncles farmhouse on summer

    holidays. One day after lunch having nothing to do I just wandered to my

    cousin's room who is elder to me more than 10 years. Her features were

    fully grown boobs and fine round bulging butts which I had googled and

    masturbated thinking of her. When I entered her room I saw she was in

    deep sleep with her butts facing the edge of the bed and being summer she

    was wearing half skirts which was slightly up her butts revealing her

    fatty thighs. I could not resist my cock jumping and throbbing in my

    trousers. I could hear her slight snoring sound and was sure that she in

    deep slumber. Reaching near to her I slightly catching the edge of her

    skirt fully raised and pulled up to her waist revealing her full round

    butts. She was not wearing any panty. In the Noon sunlight her pussy lips

    were clearly visible. From the backside of her pussy it was full bald and

    I could figure out her inner lips. Her pubic hair up above the clits was

    little visible. Viewing her back side and pussy I simply jerked and

    without much efforts came and ensured the cum fall on her skirt and

    quietly backed out. In the night thinking of her pussy I jerked for a

    second time and at times still fuck my hand on such a heavenly occasion.
    8 days ago
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    While growing up I have always googled by younger sister who had big

    boobs and bulging bottoms. I have always dreamt of having sex with her.

    One day during her afternoon sleep I chanced upon her skirt slightly

    falling away from the edge of the bed due the wind of the fan. Being too

    horny I slowly tip toed near and slowly lifted the half skirt aside over

    her back. To my surprise she was not wearing panties and the white

    buttocks protruding and as her legs were slightly upwards, her vagina

    lips and labia were clearly visible as there were only less pubic hair at

    the downside. But I had no courage to touch her as she was 18 years of

    age and myself 20 years of age at that time. Just googled enough and went

    to my room and jerked off with a lot of cum.
    8 days ago

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