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    Lesbian Female / 54

    I am going to go back to 1975. Some of you remember those days, we were young then weren't we? In any event I attended a small college in a big city and we were later day hippies. I had met a girl at college and we got a long fine and we had landed on this thing of kissing on the lips when we saw each other. The women's movement was in full swing and there was a gathering that weekend in front of City Hall. I asked her if we should go and she said yes so we asked our neighbor, a guy in his late twenties if he would give us a ride and drop us off and pick us up.

    He heard what we were doing and said no way, he wasn't going to take us there, not to a meeting of whackos. He would take us out if we wanted, but not there. Well, we went anyway, we caught the bus even if it was an hour ride. He heard about us going from another neighbor and he went after us, we were in the middle of this crowd of pretty much whacko women, some of them taking off their bras and everything, speeches by whacko women and all that and he drives up, he stops across the street and walks into the crowd, the crowd splits around him like Moses parting the seas, he come up to us and says he was taking us home.

    The crowd froze, one woman shouted, another one asked if I darned his socks. He turned and told us to come and we locked arms and with our heads up high we followed ten feet behind him, the crowd melted together behind us as we followed him to his truck, he held the door open and we got in. We got bawled out in the truck for coming down after he had told us not to, as far as he was concerned that was once and it wasn't going to happen again.

    Back at our apartment we listened to another hour of his anger. We did not know it that day, but we now had a man in our life and our lives would change forever.

    For 45 years we lived together, he was the man in our life for all these years, we had a large family and we have many grandchildren. We dedicated ourselves to family and our home and to him. He passed away late last year and we are still going through all of the stuff in his room, most of which is in boxes now but we can't quite come to give it away. He left us well off, we never worked and will not have to work, although we were never apart we have never really been alone, not until now. To our children there is nothing hidden, we never did lie to them, he asked us to keep it to our bedroom and we did, but our children were never kept in the dark.

    Now that he is gone, now that things are different and with our children's permission and blessing we have decided to marry, for legal reasons to protect what he left us, but also because we have always been married and now is the time to make it official.

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