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    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    Iâm always horny 24/7. If Iâm not having sex, then Iâm masturbating or thinking about sex. I donât care who itâs with, girls or guys, as long as I get fucked. My boyfriend and I are in an open relationship, and heâs equally as horny as me, so weâre perfect for each other. Sometimes heâll bring friends home from work and theyâll all take turns fucking me. Theyâre always surprised by how horny I am. Even several rounds with my boyfriend and his friends isnât enough to satisfy me. When they all get tired of fucking me, I turn on some porn and grab my vibrators and go to town.

    I loooove porn. I could and have watched it for hours on end. My boyfriend will come home and find me getting off to porn and heâll ask me how long Iâve been masturbating. The answer is usually around eight hours. That really gets him going and he starts fucking me instead. We go for hours but even he gets tired. Heâll fall asleep eventually and Iâll just go back to my porn and my vibrator. I just canât stop. I love being fucked so much.

    People tell me Iâm a sex/porn addict. Theyâre probably right but I donât care and neither does my boyfriend. And neither do any of the friends he brings over to fuck me senseless. Heâs bringing more over when he comes home tonight from work and I canât wait to fuck every single one of them. I think Iâll go play for a bit until he comes home. All this talking about sex has made me really really horny. ;)

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    You probably have a lot of great stories to tell. Let us know more.
    9 days ago
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