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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    My elderly widow Italian neighbour just called over for a chat and some plant clippings, her 5' frail body now bending right over and where I was standing I could just see her Huge heavy Boobs pushing out against her half unbuttoned summer shirt, because I'm such a horny sex addict ( since I was 8 ) I leant down next to her and took a good look, i thought I was safe because she was concentrating on cutting the plants, i was just starting to fantasize about slipping a hand in and nestling one of her big jubblies when she shot her head sideways and saw me looking. OMG I was busted but kept looking anyway knowing she was looking at me, you lika them she she said. Oh yes was all I could say as I realised what was happening my Cock was already at half mast and getting hard fast. I tried to recover and said would you like a cuppa, OK was her response the whole time my eyes were locked onto her big melons. I offered her my hand to help her out of the garden bed. As soon as we were inside she repeated "you lika them". Yes yes very much I love big breasts, my mum had big breasts, ? WTF did I say, She finally smiled OMG what have I got myself into, this time. She grabbed my hands and pulled them into her top before bending over again and they squashed against my hands in her tight shirt. Couldn't believe what was happening to me, i always take full advantage of Any situation but wasn't ready for this to go down. But,....I pulled out my right hand from that cosy warm place worked my shorts down enough for my hard Cock to spring out right in front of her face and said you lika this. She mearly opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and said Alf loved me sucking his Cock, it's been so long....That was enough talking I shoved my Cock halfway in her mouth and held her head tightly. She somehow managed to get her shirt off and her Huge titties were now fully
    out looking bigger than I had even imagined. I wanted to cup them again
    and suck on those old saggy BIG granny tits but she really did love
    sucking Cock and was so fricken good
    at it. I couldn't believe it, here I was in my lounge room Wife at work
    kids at school and our elderly neighbour now on her knees with her
    Huge tits swaying forward and back slapping on my knees and her stomach. I was now naked as I'd slowly stepped out of my shorts and slipped my t-shirt off and was holding her head firmly, soon realised she didn't need Any guidance so I tried squatting down a bit and cupping 2 handfuls of her lovely melons, about 5 minutes later I started tensing up and said I'm going to cum, she didn't stop she was an animal. I quickly grabbed hold of her head again as I blew probably The biggest load of my life. To her credit she managed to gulp down most of it before finally gagging cause I tried shoving my 7 1/2 down her throat. Too excited I guess. I helped her up, as I leant over and finally got a mouth full of her big saggy tits and nibbled on her hardened nipples. She grabbed my and tried kissing me, at first I resisted but as soon as I saw my sperm on her lips and chin I went in for a taste, it wasn't that she was butt ugly or
    anything, I'd just dumped my biggest load Ever and was exhausted. I soon began to get hard again which I'm not used too, this was a new high/low for me. I was feeling a bit confused WTF was I doing she was massaging my sensitive knob between her finfertips as we continued to kiss she pulled away and said you Fuck me now. Oh yeah why stop now. We layed down right here on the floor in front of the door I thought about licking her pussy which I love to do, but her hairy pussy put me off a bit, so I decided to just play with her k**t she felt pretty wet already as I
    managed to force 2 fingers in her tight hole, Then she said, a bit load I thought Fuk me. And tried pulling me up to her face for another kiss. I Obliged of course and as I reached her mouth my hard knob piered her tight wet k**t. And I was soon forcing my Cock all the way into her old pussy. What a smile is Never seen her smile like that since Alf was alive. I began fuking her slowly she was pretty tight and wet at first but it felt good Inside her warm tight hole. My second orgasm was as intense as when I blew in her mouth I dont think I came so much but enjoyed fucking the old girl, and look forward to next time. Horny old bitch..

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    Hi just thought I'd share updates.
    The old girl calls in more regularly know, the wife does not suspect a thing, she is always saying could you please go and help Sophie move something. I try acting like its an inconvenience. Then head out the door as my Cock starts it's journey upwards. By the time I'm standing st her door I'm fully hard and she always answers the door naked or with a towel around her big tits. When I'm inside I get naked. Ive trimmed her Kunt with scissors and shaved her bald. Looks way better now and as long as she has douched I love eating her out.
    My wife always praises me for helping her, and i usually say it's my pleasure love to help her out or something like that. Now I cut her grass as well then we shower together when done she loves soaping up my big Cock and i really love soaping up her Huge fricken Boobs. If I have a day off as soon as the wife goes to work I'm over there, we both get naked and just sit and watch telly as she strokes and sucks my Cock. I love fucking her to, mostly doggy, she likes it in her ass as well. Thank You All for liking my story, all stories I put on here are real and true to the letter.
    13 days ago

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