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    My girlfriend of 27 is a professional dancer, always in-form and always ready for sex. Sex is great, I'm in great shape, doing various sport recreativly. She is also a web-cam model, hosting a no face mastrubation, she is Hot as hell and made all those people jerking off to her body make her like nympho. During the sex she always tood me what People wrote to her and what would do to her sexually. It's pure lust. 2 weeks ago she has been contactted by her former lover, the one that has paid her a lots of money for her videos and the one that paid her a lots of money for sex. She said he is the only one she accepted that kind of offer and that he's been away working abroad now and is coming back for buissnes and wanted to see her again. She was telling me that during our sexcapades, that she wanted to fuck him again, that she loved his older veinly cock so much and if I wanted to double penetrated her... In extacy of course I said yes and now we will se where is it gonna go in few days...

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    You hit a jackpot there mate. Get together with her old bf and the two of you dp and fuck the living shit out of her.
    7 hours ago

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