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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    two months back while having a cup of tea my colleague told he had

    bought a new camera with good resolution. I knew he may be taking photos

    of his wife in nude. At times when he is not in his cabin I would check

    his computer for such pictures and videos. But none came handy. Luckily

    the other day he came to my cabin with a pen drive demanding to provide

    him the soft copies of certain official documents. Since I was too busy

    with some urgent work, I told him after the completion of my work the

    documents shall be copied and told to leave the pen drive with me. He

    left leaving the pen drive with me and after completion of my work, I

    copied the requisite documents to his pen drive. Just while checking the

    copied status, I saw a folder under the name PERSONAL. Just checked to

    see clear photos of his nude wife. Her features were clear as the

    resolution was of standard quality with sufficient light. Copied it to my

    computer and later to my phone and still masturbating on her nude photos.

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    Your Colleague? As soon as he learns that you copied his wifes pictures to your computer you can start calling him your "Ex Colleague."
    19 days ago
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    I want to see them , are you willing to share.
    18 days ago
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    I have uploaded it on xnxxgallery under the tag beautiful wife nude photos with face disfigured.
    14 days ago

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