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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    There is genuine hate between us. We've even fought, with his wife complaining later, how I'd made a mess of her husbands face. Dont know how I did that, as he's one ugly obese jabba the hut looking freak.
    The fact is, he's a fat prick with a gobby mouth.
    So to why I'm here.
    His son is a closet gay eighteen year old. I know he's still firmly in the closet, because when I fuck him, he's careful not to have anyone know.
    And when I say fuck him, I mean I screw the shit out of him, often making him cry out with over exertion.
    He's nothing like his parents, slim, articulate and caring. And it was his caring nature that got him sucking on my eight inches.
    He called round a few weeks after my confrontation with his dad. It wasn't to placate me, but rather to make sure nothing happened again.
    He was so sweet, so caring, I fucked him in my lounge to show him I'd be a good neighbour.
    I've always known he was at least bisexual. When you've fucked as many young guys as me, you just know who likes cock.
    Offering him a drink, then my dick, he practically pounced on my cock, sucking on it like a desperate refugee.
    Fucking his tight hole was so good, I fucked him twice before he left for home.
    Now even with 'Fuckdown' as I call it, I'm still fucking his gorgeous mouth and arsehole every single day.
    I still hate his jabba father, but love fucking the fat c**ts son.

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