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    Straight Male / 35

    Just here to warn others of the perils of sexting. I have confessed previously in #35150 where my wife had told other women (family and friends) about my junk at a girls weekend. Today I am here to caution others on sending dick pics and the like.
    Not much has taken place since that confession save for some head and handjobs from the MIL and the friends in that thread.

    Several weeks ago my wife, her mother and her 16 year old niece went out of town as my wife had to meet a few reps she does business with. They had been texting me the whole time while there. I had the typical replies like: nice, great, looks neat, have fun etc. etc. I have to be careful when texting my MIL as it could very well be my wife on the other end. I order to combat this the MIL and I have come with a phrase so that I know it is indeed her.

    From texts earlier in the day i knew they would be out for dinner around 8 pm or so with the 2 female reps from the company. I had arrived home and was about to shower when i got the idea to send the MIL some dick pics to remind her of the size and that she had yet to allow me to fuck her. Prior to hoping in the ahowe I grabbed an old wooden ruler and a water bottle and proceeded to take some pics. After confirming she alone would be on her phone I hit send and off to the shower I went.

    Upon exiting the shower 15 minutes later my phone was blowing up with texts from the MIL. They went something like this:
    "OMG she saw your dick pics"
    "What do I say now?"
    "I will call you after they have gone to sleep"
    I immeditely thought my wife had picked up the phone and saw the pics. If this were the case I could explain it away saying it was sent in error. Who hasn't sent a text in error. I also thought if the wife brought it up at least now her Mom knew she was not lying about the talks at the girls weekend.

    Just around midnight I get a call from the MIl and immediately go with the sent in error excuse. The MIL proceeds to tell me it was not her daughter that saw them but her granddaughter. Shittttttt... apparently the MIL went to the restroom and left her phone on the table. The niece seeing the text was from me opened it up and then headed to meet grandma. While at the sink she was handed her phone and was told of the pictures. She asked why would he send those to you and the MIL said they must have been sent as a joke and were images from the internet. The niece then pointed out she recognized the background and my watch in the photos.

    The MIL immeditely told her that they must have been meant for your aunt and were sent to her by mistake. The niece then asked the MIL if she thought that the pics were real as it looked very big. The MIL quickly dismissed any further talk and told her to say nothing more about this. I thought this would be the end but it was not.

    Days later they returned and the MIL figured she had it all under control when we met at the wife's brothers place for dinner. In checking the MIL's phone for her I noticed the niece had forwarded the images to her phone but failed to delete the text trail...guess she was in a hurry. So now the niece has dick pics of me on hher phone. I guess this accounts for her and her friends crotch gawking.

    Be careful out there as you never know what can happen even if you take steps to make sure all is good.

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    Error in original post number for those interested it is 35159.
    21 days ago
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    Yeah I sent a very dirty text to my stepmother by accident , now my wifeâs contact says (wife)....... she told me it sounded like our weekend trip was going to be fun!
    12 days ago
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    I accidently sent my profile link on Silverdaddies to my sister.
    6 days ago

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