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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    I'm a married man who always considered myself straight until a few years ago,
    when I had a bi 3 some with a friend and a girl he met on line.
    It was the first time I had ever sucked another guys cock....and I loved it.
    A few days later I met him alone. Just him and me and sucked him to completion, even swallowing his entire load.
    I became a male bisexual cock whore.
    I had a few encounters with other men but didn't enjoy it as much as with my friend.
    He then went away to work in another city, but who turned up on my doorstep today??? yes my friend is back visiting family.
    It wasn't long before I had my laptop open showing him videos I had taken of my naked wife.
    He took out his cock and started wanking looking at my wife's naked body on screen.
    In no time at all I had his cock in my mouth sucking and licking like a pro.
    Once he was rock hard he told me to lube up his cock and drop my pants. I rubbed KY jelly all over his hard shaft and bending over the sofa arm I guided his thick cock into my tight butt hole. I was surprised how easily his cock slipped inside my virgin anus.
    God it felt good. He pushed deep and hard and I pushed back onto him as his pace increased.
    He was getting close to ejaculating so he pulled out and after wiping his cock clean I took him in my mouth again and he basically fucked my face until he ejaculated.
    Fuck it tasted beautiful. I hope he comes back soon. I'm in love with his hard cock.
    I am eager to meet other men for fun....if anyone is interested?

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    I consider myself straight as well but do enjoy sucking cocks. Im in Mansfield Ohio if your close we could meet up.
    12 days ago
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    Just about everyone thinks I am a straight married guy. Truth is they Don't know I am in the closet cock sucking faggot. My wife and I stop having sex over 10 years ago. 1 she had her menopause lost interest in sex-2 every time I enter her my cock goes limp. Pussy just dose not turn me on anymore. So you could say I am gay. Wife just thinks because of my age, 65 I have ED. But when I have a cock in one of my south holes, I am so hard it hurts.
    9 days ago
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    Yeah Iâm starting to get the same way #2

    #1 Iâm in Nashville
    9 days ago
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    #1 I'm in ohio too. Love to suck cock to completion. E mail me please [email protected]@y***o
    4 days ago

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