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    Straight Female / 31

    I married 'the guy', what I never expected was sex being so boring, a chore. Nonetheless I stayed, did the family thing, bought the house, took the kids to Disney World. Ten years and I knew I had never been in love. Along came a man, tall, serious, take charge, no nonsense man. I had a spat with him and he took my arm to hold me and spanked me telling me to learn respect and other stuff. My blood pressure must have been 200, but I was unable to speak.

    A couple of weeks later there is a lunch, after lunch he tells me to ride with him. In the car he grabs my thigh, when I tried to take his hand off my thigh he told me to settle down. He pulled the car over into a parking lot and asked me what my problem was. Again, I could not answer, my voice was gone. He rubbed my thigh, touched my breast, and told me that he wanted my pussy.

    I held out, but he got what he wanted, nit once, lots of time. I cheated on my husband and my family, I gave into anal because he wanted something virgin. I made excuses about working late. I lied to my husband. When my husband wanted sex I felt I was heating on my office lover. It took a pregnancy and a secret abortion to end it and quit that job.

    I regret what I did, my husband is unaware, I can only fix this by being the wife I should be and never cheat again. The abortion is killing me inside.

    Sorry for the downer.

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    downer? this was fuckin awesome
    6 days ago

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