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    Straight Male / 44

    A couple of years ago I was feeling bored one summer so I decided to go to this adult movie theater. It was a fun diversion so I went a few times. There was another guy there about my age, Dave, also in his forties, who was about as bored as I was. After we started seeing each other there we began to become friendly. He was just average, like msyelf, and not really gay, but we maaged to enjoy jacking each other off.

    Then one day he suggested how we could go over to his house where it wold be more relaxed. So we did that, and it was great being able to be naked together to enjoy some casual fun. Dave had a small dick which he was a little self-conscous about, but with me he just enjoyed having it nice and stiff and could be unconerned about size and all of that.

    We got together probably half a dozen times, and thoroughly enjoyed spending time naked together and just how pleasingly male that was. We became more adventurous and started giving each other blow jobs and finally we tried having anal sex with each other. The two of us found this quite easy to enjoy. While neither of us were gay as such, we found ourselves having this private gay lifestyle togther. Now this has been going for the last two years and it has suited us just fine. Perosnally I think that too much emphasis is put upon being gay and categorizing things, when in reality it is nothing like that at all.

    The two of us wish that we could have been open enough in the past to have seen this as a very pleasing alernative not to be missed out on between two friends. We highly recommnd loosing up and just enjoying ife without labels and worring about how it might look or seem.

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    So true for so many oeople today!
    13 days ago
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    Gay and M4M sex are nit one and the same. I am not gay, but I have enjoyed cock sucking which I got into when I worked offshore in the eighties.
    13 days ago
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    #2 I agree 100%. I am a maarried man who enjoys sex with other married and bi men.
    12 days ago
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    I’m married too, have explored with men quite a few times over the years, as far as you can get from gay, but over the years I have gone from getting a BJ every once in a while as easy sex, to enjoying letting men fuck me me, and now it’s been about 5 years I’ve started trying my hand at becoming a cock sucker, I think I like that role too, I realize I’m a true submissive and pleasing others, women or men fits me well, my wife and I have had a normally slow sex life like most couples over the years, once they get that ring on your finger sex slows down no mater what you do, I did get caught on my PC, but she forgave me, I wish we could share a man...
    9 days ago

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