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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I am in my mid forties and I joined a company with projects in foreign countries. I am by profession a quality control supervisor and part of my job is to audit projects during their installation period. I got sent to Africa to do the quality audit on a pipeline project. The foreign labor lived in camps, to which I am not a stranger. On this project I was assigned to a unit with a welder.

    He was a hard man, having worked as a welder for over twenty five years. He got on me in my bunk, all two hundred and fifty pound of him, he shoved my head in the pillow and told me to be quiet until he was done. The feelings going through me as he ground his hips against my behind, he had moved my boxer shorts down and his naked dick was sliding up and down my crack. He told me to lift my hips a little and he found my butt hole and in a series of shoves and fucks he broke in and he worked his cock in holding me down with his hands. I shot myself into the sheets and the mattress as he continued to fuck his cock into me.

    When he finally came, he did so with a long hard sigh of pleasure and got off me onto the floor. I laid there on my stomach with my face in the pillow. After a few minutes he climbed back in his bunk and fell asleep snoring deeply. I got up to pee, I wanted to wipe my ass but I didn't, I could feel his slick cum between my legs and I went back to bed laying on my back squeezing my butt cheeks together listening to him snore.

    In the morning, before he went into the shower he stood over me with his cock in my eyes. He didn't ask, I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him until he was hard, then laid back on my stomach and he got on and fucked me again.

    In the camps you keep your mouth shut, you know who fucks you and who's cock you suck and that's all you need to know.

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    When I was 21 I worked for an oil company. My regional manager had lost his driving lic so I was assigned to drive him around the state doing his inspections. He fucked me bare every day for the 5 months I worked for the company. He was my first cock and I grew to love it.
    15 days ago
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    I worked for a well known gas company and had a similar situation with a coworker. He told me things could be easy for me if I took care of his cock for him. Many times I sucked his cock as he drove to locations to perform maintenance on pumps. We never fucked but I swallowed his load every work day for 3 years. I did get to love that cock and cum.
    14 days ago
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    Thatâs Amazing and so hot.
    I worked for a big earthmoving equipment company back when I was 24yrs old and got sent overseas to a mining camp in PNG a few times.
    It was pretty rough over there but I fantasised of being used by national or a few but it never happened :(
    12 days ago
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    I am a pro golfer now but when I was a young caddy starting out I met some very wealthy hot shots. My longish dirty blonde hair, attractive almost pretty, you could say, face, and physique won a fair bit of attention. I lost count of the number of these hot shots who hit on me and whose tips went a long way to paying my living expenses. Mostly they were over weight and had small cocks but their money was good and refusal would have been career limiting...Now and again there was a hot stud which made it all worthwhile sexually. Cocks seem to rule.
    8 days ago

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