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    Not so long ago, I started dating a woman in her mid 50s. She was divorced, had a couple of children who had grown up and left home. She looked younger than her age and was energetic and lively. After several restaurant and movie dates, she invited me over to her house for a dinner. Things went well, turned romantic and we eventually ended up in her bedroom. We both got naked and after plenty of foreplay, I could tell she was ready, so I gently rolled her on to her back and got between her legs.

    She asked me to go slow. I thought it was because she hadn't had sex in a while. It was partly that, but when I put my penis in her pussy, she was really tight. At first I could only get my tip in. I thought she might be frigid, but she told me that after having children, she went to a surgeon who specialized in reconstructing vaginas stretched from childbirth. He had tightened her up.

    I got my penis about half way inside her. It felt like a warm, wet hand was gripping me. All of sudden she started to orgasm. I felt her pussy squeeze me, something I had never felt so intensely. When she relaxed, I pushed myself into the hilt. It felt absolutely amazing, so snug and sensitive. I started to pull back out so I could thrust back into her, but she had another orgasm. Her face went completely flush, her eyes rolled back and her pussy again contracted around me.

    I decided not to move. I was on my hands and knees between her legs. My penis was the only part of my body touching hers. We looked at each other. She smiled and then let out a moan, moved her hips slightly, so her pussy moved up my shaft and had yet another orgasm.

    This went on for several minutes. Just the slightest moves by each of us. I had to concentrate so as not to cum too quickly. But the sensation of having sex like this, her pussy so tight around my cock, her repeated orgasms that made her pussy clench me so warmly was unlike anything I had felt before.

    Eventually, I could see she was becoming exhausted by the multiple orgasms and I was ready to finish, so I began thrusting faster. This time, she exploded, crying out, her wet pussy, squeezed my cock so tightly, that it nearly pushed me out of her. I just lay on top, pushed in as far as I could go, letting her grip me as I shot my sperm into her.

    After cumming I couldn't move. I was breathless from the intensity of having sex like that. She too was nearly unconscious, breathing hard. The bed sheets were soaked from her pussy juices that had splashed out during the finale. When I caught my breath, I asked her if it was always like that. She confessed it had been some time since she last had sex of any kind, let alone some good sex. But, yes, just like that. Orgasm after orgasm with just little moves.

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