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    Straight Male / 19

    Well lockdown has been pretty boring, but not all bad. Feeling safe with each other, a friend and I started getting together. This was nice, although both of us still were feeling bored. So one day, just for fun, we decided to get naked. It didn’t take much for both of us to get an erection and we started playing around.

    I was feeling pretty uninhibited and daring, so I let him butt fuck me. Neither of us had ever done anything like that before, and we were surprised by what a turn on this was. We did it right there in the kitchen, and as he was fucking me I started ejaculating all over the place! It was such an incredible experience. Of course after that we have continued and now we’ve been doing this regularly for almost two months and it is so great! Neither of us had any idea what a terrific way this is to be friends together.

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    I’m 18 and my best friend fucks my ass pretty much daily. We started doing it after they shut schools down. Didn’t think I’d like it at first but I love it
    13 days ago
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    13 days ago
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    At 34 years of age a life long freind was sentenced to 32 months in a Federal Facility for committing a White Collar crime. I would visit him every couple of months and sensed nothing different...unitl he was released to a half way house for 6 months and went bacck to work. We had lunch a lot as he had to be back at the house by 6pm. When he was finally relaesed and moved back in with this wife and kids his life began and he went back to work for a relative and things got back to normal. One weekend while out fishing he confided in me that he was r**ed his 7th night in prision and it continued until he was released. Then he told me the first time a dick was shoved in his ass it burnt and felt like he was splitting into. Then, tnhe pain and burn subsided and the cock head massaging his prostrate gave him an amazing boner and he blew a load without touching himself. Said the orgasm was so intense he almost passed out and his legs felt like rubber. I let him talk and then he told me he missed being fucked and loved it, I had been in circle jerks ad a few guys had bow men but I never fucked a dudes asss. In the grass beside the river he paid me on my back, sucked my cock like crazy and then sit down on me dacing me. He rode me a few minutes and screamed as he shot his load al over my chest and face. When he stopped quivering he raised up enough and told me to hunch fuck his ass as he leaned over and licked his cum off my face and I shot so much when I pulled out it dripped one of the out his ass pussy.
    12 days ago
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    I had a friend go to prison for 3 years. He was r**ed and he is a big homophobe now. He told me he was r**ed his 1st week in prison. Then he had to give his ass to a few different guys for protection
    11 days ago

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