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    Straight Female / 36

    My neighbor ogled me, in front of my friend. She was uncomfortable but I was lost in his attention. I am just ordinary, but as I've grown older. I am a much more attractive now than I was as a teen. Men look at me and I like it, even if my friend doesn't.

    I would love to be carried away, stolen in the night, waking up to a man who stared at me the night before. I really don't like straight up sex, big deal. On a trip to see my grandmother a man stared at me before boarding, the flight was half full and he came over to talk to me. To stare at my chest, touch my hand, touch my knee, to tell me I had a pretty smile, never taking his eyes off my chest. I liked it, loved it, I touched his hand, laughed with him, let him look as much as he wanted. I am only sorry he went on after I got off.

    I have a big booty, a big caboose, I used to think it was my worst feature but I have come to realize men like women with a nice ass. My chest is nice, since I gained thirty pounds over my teen age weight. I'm curvy now, not a child any more. I have sex with men, not boys, men who like a full figured woman.

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