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    Straight Female / 19

    My step dadâs friend has been coming over to our house daily to help with things and just to stay busy while his business is closed. My step dad has been friends with him since he was a kid and my mom has know him since middle school.

    A few days ago I was unaware he was already here and I walked out to the kitchen in just a shirt and a thong to get something to drink. I could tell he liked what he saw so I bent over to get something to eat out of the bottom of the pantry so that he could see my thong in between my butt crack. Was very thrilling to do, I had never done anything like that before. He didnât say anything about how I was dressed.

    Next night he was staying in the guest room. It was around midnight and I heard him used the bathroom. Once I heard him go back to the guest room I went to see if he was awake. And he was. I walked in the guest room wearing just a shirt and thong, thatâs what I slept in. He was siting on the bed wearing just a shirt and tighty whities. Same underwear my step dad wore, they both are 52.

    I liked the bulge I saw! So without hesitating I walked up, got on my k eyes, pull his tighty whities waistband under his balls and took his cock in my mouth. He didNt stop me. It was nice and thick and very hairy. He got hard instantly and I sucked it for a bit.

    He laid on the bed aNd I pulled his underwear off and tossed them on the floor. I grabbed the condom I had in the waistband of my thong and realized my regular size Trojan wonât fit his dick. So I just tossed it by his underwear, took my thong off and tossed it out of the way and got on top of him. Told him Iâm on birth control and sat on his dick.

    He fucked me for about half an hour. I cummed so many times! Finally he was about to cum and just as he was about to pull out I said cum inside me. He had a huge load! It felt so good. His pubes were soaked with my juices and his cum.

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