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    As a young woman I fell in love with my boss at work. He was that man who knew everything, kind to me, parenting me and mentoring me. I had both a love feelings of a girl looking for a carnal lover, and a girl in awe of her father figure. Breaking the barrier between father and lover was pushed by my insatiable desire, I had to be a woman, to be with a man, to be with him.

    The carnal moment came in the form of punishment, correction for misbehavior, the ultimate father proving his live to his daughter. Against my family's wishes, against support of friends and neighbors I went to live with him, and to sleep with him. My feeling of completeness, sexual fulfillment grew until I was free to express that part of me, uninhibited in thought and physical behavior. No feeling is as grand as the feeling of unfettered sex with the man you love, to surrender yourself to your father, in spirit if not by nature, provides the ultimate form of love.

    My recommendations today to young women, do not underestimate the power of love from a man who fathers you, parents you, loves you as if you were his very own flesh and blood. Unpopular to love a man your senior, but if you pay attention to history you will see that a young woman with her father figure is as old as time, no other relationship can fill you as your relationship with such a man.

    Daddy issues are every woman's hidden passion, find your Daddy, and love him as you can love no other.

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    This really speaks to me because I married a man 30 years older than me. I call him daddy and he raises me with such care and passion itâs amazing
    20 days ago

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