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    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    It didn't at the time but now...
    My asshole hurts!!!!
    When I try to poop, it feels like my rectum is going to turn inside out like a sock!
    Any suggestions??

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    Oh the downside to anal sex!
    If he gave you a rough assfuck then you probably have some anal fissures. Dont have anal sex for a month to let things heal up.
    To take care of the burning, make some ice popsicles and shove em in.
    12 days ago
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    Just relax and let it heal. You can use some medical cream for hemorhoids to keep the pain away.

    Because you're not sick or anything, and believe me, if there would be some major problem and you would be sick, you would know and you wouldn't be writing here, just take it easy. Eat lot of fibres and vegetables and drink so your poo is okay.

    Most likely you have hemorhoids and the sphincter muscle is sore because of heavy training. You get the same soreness on muscles when you exercise. Ass is no different.

    Next time, don't let the men fuck you so raw and when you think you have enough lube, it is time to add some more.
    11 days ago
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    I have a couple questions.
    #1 Is it pain in your rectum and coming from passing of the stool? If so I recommend you take a laxative to soften the stool. Otherwise I recommend you use a suppository which is a small oblong hard pill that you insert in your rectum. It might feel a little uncomfortable in the beginning but it will relieve internal rectum pain. The suppository is known as Dulcolax. Neither are prescription.
    #2 If it is just an itch between the cheeks of your butt then I recommend Preparation H which is a clear salve you simply apply inside your Butt Cheeks with your fingers. Both are over the counter medications and they work, I know from experience. WHAT? Oh, forget it. There is no charge for my advice. LOL. I hope it works for you. Let me know, here.
    10 days ago

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