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    I work in an office which primarily employees men, with women in the administrative and accounting departments. I work for the COO, a man who comes straight out of the field and he has told me more than once that women are as useless as tits on a boar hog.

    After many run ins with him I decided to just shut up, he is not going to change and I need the job. As a more compliant employee he is a more understanding boss. I hired a young woman to help me, she is a recent graduate and I liked her from my first interview. She is cute, southern girl cute, and very soft and nice and my boss 'wants' her. He wants her real bad and wants me to set him up with her. Mind you my boss is married for 30 years and his wife and I get along pretty well.

    After one particularly difficult encounter with him over her, telling him to keep his dirty hands off of her as she is a young girl really, he accused me of protecting her which I felt I had to do. He sat back and said 'if not her, then you'. I stood up but he was faster and he got to the door and shut it, locking it and told me to get my shit together and that he wasn't asking for anything any man didn't want. He stood and stared and I stared back, when he spoke he told me take my panties off and go sit on his desk and that he wanted a full plate of oysters as an appetizer before he had his dinner.

    I didn't help him, I let him reach under my dress and pull my panties down, I let him walk me by the wrist to his desk and he cleaned the desk off and told me to sit down and open my legs. His hands on my inner thighs he slobbered around for several long minutes, then he settled down intent on making me orgasm for him. I wasn't in the mood so after another few minutes he just told me to sit tight and got his pants down and leaned against me filling me up. I refused to kiss him on the mouth, he had to kiss my cheeks and my closed lips. When he was done with me, he helped me off the desk and told me he wanted to keep my panties as a memento of the beginning of our affair.

    Many months later, by then I had settled into being his work girlfriend, we used a hotel room near the office for getting together either at noon or after work before he had to go home. My new hire mentioned to me that she never thought that office affairs really happened. As long as I can keep myself between him and her I will be all right, but if he ever touches her I will ruin his marriage and he knows it. She should never know a man like that.

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