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    Straight Female / 38

    I was a total ass and cheated on my husband many times. I don't know why he was great, good sex, good looking, good job . . . yet I couldn't keep my panties on when I'd see a cute younger guy, especially if I knew he had a big one. Five years ago we split up, and 3 years ago he divorced me. I didn't protest, didn't do anything just survived. We saw each other relatively a lot considering we were divorced. We even had sex a few times. Six months ago we started having sex a lot. I gave in and did anything he wanted and told him I'd do whatever he wanted. Then he reminded me that if we ever got together after the divorced he said that I'd have to do things to prove myself to him. I'm back in love and have no intention of cheating on him ever again. However; he has made me kneel naked and had 10 guys masturbate and shoot all over my face, then he came in after they all left me with 17 loads on my face, dripping off onto my boobs, and humiliated me, called me names and made me take my hand and wipe it all up and swallow it all. I was gagging something terrible, he just laughed and said the next weekend with more guys I'd get used to it. He has also made me have threesomes with him and other women, very young, beautiful women. I deserve it all. Finally last night after all the humiliations he did what he always promised. I have had a soda can up my butt since this morning at 8am. I have to have it inside me for 12 hours a day for the next week. I pulled it out to go to the toilet, and I washed up and washed out and he stuck it back in again. Tomorrow I don't get to go, just before it goes in and after it comes out. After a week of this he wants me to do the same in my vagina. He said he will regularly stick his hand in me in both places so that I'm no good to any other man. After all I did to him I deserve it and he deserves me doing whatever he wants.

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