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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Iâm obsessed with taking creepshots of hot people in public places. I know, Iâm a filthy pervert, but hear me out. Iâve grown a bit numb to all the thousands of available nsfw pics of girls and femboys on the internet, it doesnât really get me excited anymore. I find it much more sexually rewarding to cum while looking at a picture that I myself took because I was physically there. Keep in mind that I donât upload any pictures onto the internet, they are all for my own private pleasure. Especially all the pictures I have of my crush, those get me so excited, whenever we were still hanging out I would always look for any opportunity to snag a shot of her round butt, thick legs, cute feet, shiny shoulders, or soft face. God I fucking love her body and I wish she were mine, but the pictures will have to do. As for everyone else, I like to go up to my local mall and just sit on a bench with a wall to my back and my phone up. Thereâs plenty of hot people who cross by me. At least, until the world got locked down. I wish we could go back to normal already, I really want to resume my usual creepshotting activities.

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