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    Straight Female / 31

    I became pregnant from a fling with a married man at work. His wife had just had a baby of her own. After several discussions we agreed that after the birth I would give my baby to them, and I would surrender my parental rights. I followed all the doctor visits, gave my medical history to his wife, she attended the birth and received the baby from my birth canal, papers were signed.

    But nothing worked after that, she asked me to breast feed which I did for nine months, she refers to me as 'your mommy' for my daughter, and 'your Aunt Tess' for her daughter, I now live next door, the girls are nine and ten, school and doctors have us both as the 'responsible parent', many people believe we are the couple and the father of the girls is the donor. We quit explaining, people make up their own mind. As to our daughters, they have the story straight but also truly believe they have two mothers and the word 'aunt' is never used.

    In all these years of our fused life together we are as close as sisters and we know what sister wives means. We do share a husband, a life and children. The one thing we are not is sexual lovers, at most a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

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    How many times you think you are going to send that same old story with slight variations? How many years you've been doing that already?

    We get it that you have a fetish for that, but jesus....
    6 days ago

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